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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Why is it not enough players on new RolePlay servers?

Originally Posted by Gforcez View Post
Because the gamemode feels the same on every server. And since it's a 'new' server, there's not really a community yet to set it apart
I agree with you.. personally i'm one of the persons that thinks more of the game-mode and if you are like me.. I might have the perfect place for us.. a place that can impress us with it's game-mode.
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Why is it not enough players on new RolePlay servers?

imo as the average age of the community gets older, more people have more responsibilities to commit to. There are newer servers with "potential" and a new script to showcase but are duly disappointing. rping on sa-mp consist of the same themes and cliques, there's little diversity. It's a downward spiral when refreshing ideas are dismissed as "tryhard" or too "realistic" and niche.

rp on gta is dumbed down to the point where it's become a custom to be action-oriented and straight to the point. In comparison where people in MMOs will patiently wait to type paragraphs, that would be seen as "tryhard" here. The newer communities often attract people who want to establish a foothold, power-seeking, and staff "hunters." I rarely see people who are genuinely interested in creating and just RPing. The social atmosphere has become very political and clique-like.

People are maturing and realizing samp isn't the best bet for rp IMO. Ironically the rp community is toxic, with little emphasis for regular RP without conflict.
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Default Re: Why is it not enough players on new RolePlay servers?

Because nobody knows their existence unless if you put it on the hosted tab. It's easy, that's how every new RP server is and it depends on who released it. I heard Damian released BA:RP before and it was flooded with like 500 players when it opened and after a short run, the playerbase is pretty low and peaks about 10-40 until it shut down (not sure).

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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Why is it not enough players on new RolePlay servers?

From what I've experienced as I hopped from server to server is that people don't have the time nor patience to make a long lasting server. Usually these servers don't even make the attempt of advertising their server but the issue with that is that you'll have to spend time trying to get reputation on a dead forum just to be able to post in server advertisements. Leading to a dead player base. Then there's the problem of horrible management, administrators, moderators, and players. Importantly there's stupid decisions that are made resulting in the drop of a player base. An example of that is all the servers that I've seen reset the economy of their server just to fulfill the requests of the small majority of people who want the server to be realistic but often results into people spending more time grinding instead of actually role-playing.

A very important factor as to there's a decrease in people joining role-play servers is those who start up the same server over and over again using the same scripts. Especially that one script that's literally a copy of Los Santos Roleplay's script that's been thrown around too. Then there's those same words thrown into these threads on the server advertisements, unique and dynamic. Majority the time there's barely anything unique and the dynamic things doesn't even get noticed.

In general the English role-playing community is terrible. Bay Area Roleplay, Underground Roleplay, and Wild West Roleplay are prime examples of this. Bay Area Roleplay overall was a hyped up mess. Underground Roleplay was making people wait two years for a translated script. The idea of Wild West was the most creative thing that I've had a chance to witness in the role-playing community. Although it did have a lot of issues the fact that it died really tells you a lot about the community.

Edit: I forgot to add that Kalcor won't update the modification so there's that. I'm not sure as to how old he is but isn't he in his 40's? At this point pass the torch.
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Why is it not enough players on new RolePlay servers?

Most of us have grown up and we're not anymore 14-18 years old and we can't bother to spend our time on RP servers rather than our real life ones.
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