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Default Illicit Roleplay |

Opening Date: December 20th, 2018

Illicit Role-Play is a an English speaking community that is all about providing the best quality role-play for their members. I-RP keeps a high standard of role-play and enforce all of our rules fully. We keep a tight leash on our staff to make sure they handle things properly in and out of game, bias mentality will not be permitted. The server has a very strict rule of always role-playing to the best of your ability. Trolling, bad grammar and other impurities in role-play will not be tolerated.

The I-RP game server uses a customized PR-RP script which is being worked on and maintained by our developers. The gamemode all in all is highly developed and has been worked on for multiple years by a couple of different people.

Inventory System

Inventory system is dialog based and has over 100 items available for players to use. All items are droppable and stay on the ground until being picked up. Item types vary from food, drugs, weapons, tools and others.
Every player has 15 inventory slots. Reason why we don't want players to have a ton of inventory slots is to keep as much realism as possible.

Weapon System

Weapon system is one of the cool features we posses. Most of the firearms have 2 or more types of magazines. Magazines take an extra space in inventory. Police Department have access to magazines with rubber bullets and beanbag ammunition while official factions with weapon rights have access to extended magazines that have larger ammo capacity.

Factions System
Our factions system is dynamic. Every type of faction can be added in-game - both LEGAL and ILLEGAL.
Police Department have access to their armory, marked and unmarked vehicles, MDC system, tasers, prison and other general features. Emergency Services have access to their marked vehicles, can treat patients and can handle fires which are created after each explosion and spread across territory.
Government have access to marked and unmarked vehicles, can shut down businesses, control taxes and other common stuff.

Illegal factions have 3 types of rights: WEAPON & 2 Drug Types (chemical and non-chemical drugs - this is to improve role-play between factions and so not everybody has same rights).
With weapon rights factions can order shipments of un-marked firearms (without serial codes) and shipments require administrative permission if they include automatic firearms. With drug rights there are lots of drug types obtainable such as ACID, Cocaine, Crack (which can be cooked by mixing Cocaine with Baking Soda), Heroin, Ecstasy, Meth, Crystal Meth, Cannabis Seeds (which you can plant with growing chemicals to gain Cannabis), Cannabis.
After all we’re working on a system that brings more role-play into the deals, so every shipment an administrator role-play the arms dealer, and decided which factions gets rights to which types. If you piss off the administrator for example if you’re late, he can raise the prices if he feels like it.

Custom Damage System
Every weapon's damage has been customized on I-RP. We wanted to keep it on a realistic ratio and so people take cover and do not rush like they usually do on SA-MP. Melee weapons are now more deadly and reason why we did this is to increase usage of melee weapons than firearms.
Certain high-caliber firearms can kill you by a single shot. Also, head-shots depending on severity can cause instant death while other body parts being can be deadly in one-two hits, as said previously depending on caliber.

Property System

At current status every player is able to buy 1 house and 1 business (but we’re working on re-writing the house script and remove the limit on both houses and business.)
Every house has it's own realistic class and players can choose empty interiors which they can furnish. Also, players are able to furnish their backyards and around their houses as long as they keep it realistic. Houses have ability to buy 1 safe and safes have LOCK COMBINATION so people are able to break into the safes if they know the correct combination.

Businesses can be bare-switched, custom mapped in a warehouse interior and players have the ability to furnish outdoor around their business as long as it's realistic. Safe system works the same like in houses.

Players are able to change object materials and map practically anything they want as the object limit is very high.

Every business and house has an option to have a back-door/second entrance or exit. This is to increase realism and implement new ideas.

We also have bunch of other systems that you as a player might like:

Default role-play jobs such as Taxi Driver, Mechanic, Trucker, Pizza Boy, Farmer, Streetsweeper & fishing.
Vehicle engine and battery life system.
Weapon clip system that forces more realistic roleplay.
Marijuana growing and crack cooking system.
Attachment system for players, such as hats, hammers, vests.
Realistic knock out system when players get knocked out when low on HP, they are able to get back up after a minute by typing the command /getup. (Melee weapons only)
Shell Casing system (shell casings drop after weapon has been fired - they have serials unless obtained illegally - can't be picked up when hot)
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