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Old 21/06/2014, 10:01 AM   #1
Big Clucker
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Default crash

Salut am nevoie si eu de un plugin sau ceva ce m`ar ajuta sa gasesc sursa crash`urilor ms
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Old 21/06/2014, 10:04 AM   #2
Huge Clucker
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Default Re: crash

Poftim! ...
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Old 21/06/2014, 10:10 AM   #3
Big Clucker
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Default Re: crash

ms o sa vad daca merge
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Old 21/06/2014, 10:22 AM   #4
Big Clucker
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Default Re: crash

am acest plugin pt linux si cand il pun pe server strica tot ai stii alta metoda sa detectez crashurile ?
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Old 21/06/2014, 10:44 AM   #5
Big Clucker
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Default Re: crash

am copiat aia de la report crash as putea alfa o sursa crash-urilor
pawn Code:
SA-MP 0.3z
Exception At Address 0x0049CD77
Base 0x02200000

EAX 0x00000000  EBX 0x02361348  ECX 0x0523F5D0  EDX 0x0D477724
ESI 0x02911948  EDI 0x02361348  EBP 0x00000000  ESP 0x0022FBA8
EFLAGS 0x00210246

+0000 0x0523F5D0   0x00533DD3   0x0523F5D0   0x40597D00
+0010 0x0523F5D0   0x02267D60   0x00554221   0x02361348
+0020 0x0523F5D0   0xFFFDFFFF   0x00554645   0x41A00000
+0030 0x42DAE69C   0x431F0336   0x00553501   0x40597D00
+0040 0x045C9D88   0x0523F5D0   0x40597D00   0x00553501
+0050 0x44DDF052   0xC4EB77AE   0x4179999A   0x0055493C
+0060 0x431F0336   0x0022FC28   0x0022FC8C   0x0000005F
+0070 0x0022FCA4   0x40597D84   0xC1F00000   0x00000004
+0080 0x431F0336   0x0072D10B   0x40B7EABC   0x00C8E0CC
+0090 0xC3334872   0xC36F0B43   0x02C45050   0x00000066
+00A0 0x0000005D   0x3F2CD234   0xC011081D   0x42BD4250
+00B0 0x00000005   0x42CB77FF   0x00000016   0x00000003
+00C0 0x00000003   0x00000019   0x0000005F   0x40597D84
+00D0 0x42BB2E1E   0x418B5B1A   0x42CD8E20   0x41A08C18
+00E0 0x42CBEC25   0x41B732FC   0x42C08542   0x41CB5334
+00F0 0x42B98C23   0x41A20200   0x0022FD00   0x43960000
+0100 0x00555563   0x0022FD9C   0x00000005   0x00554840
+0110 0x0022FD00   0x0022FD00   0x0000000D   0x02C45050
+0120 0x0000001A   0x045F36A0   0x7E42DEB2   0x00000000
+0130 0x3A83126F   0x436F0B43   0xC3334872   0x43960000
+0140 0xC36F0B43   0xC3334872   0x43960000   0x00000001
+0150 0xC82F14BF   0x48927C00   0x44E2A06E   0xC4D826FF
+0160 0x418702DE   0x44AAFF64   0xC53F5E8C   0x4316C838
+0170 0x453533BC   0xC523C6C1   0x4316C837   0x452CB2C1
+0180 0xC506481D   0xC46AB770   0x4499FD6D   0xC521DFE8
+0190 0xC46AB770   0x44D1F01E   0xC505106A   0x4264314A
+01A0 0x4505AE12   0xC4F9928D   0x42643148   0x44E6DDA7
+01B0 0xC4FC6D5C   0xC2936B5C   0x44F259A9   0xC4F91DB4
+01C0 0xC2936B5C   0x450320FA   0xC4E7E02B   0xC386EC57
+01D0 0x44CCD5EE   0xC4F86E71   0xC386EC57   0x44F1546C
+01E0 0xC4F593A1   0xC30B16AE   0x44E5D86A   0xC4F8E349
+01F0 0xC30B16AE   0x42C08542   0x41CB5334   0x42BB2E1E
+0200 0x418B5B1A   0x42CD8E20   0x41A08C18   0x42CBEC25
+0210 0x41B732FC   0x42B98C23   0x41A20200   0x005558E2
+0220 0x00000001   0x00000000   0x4148C000   0x0053E9FE
+0230 0x43C80000   0x43960000   0x0053ECC2   0x00000001
+0240 0x00619B71   0x0000001A   0x00000001   0x00000001
+0250 0x0000000A   0x00748DA0   0x0000001A   0x00000001
+0260 0x7C80B741   0x00000000   0x0022FFC0   0x7FFDB000
+0270 0x01250000   0x4E6FDE2E   0x02C40048   0x00000008

SCM Op 0x685, lDbg 0 LastRendObj 3507

Game Version US 1.0

State Information Ped Context 0
P0 (33,0) P1 (0,0) P2 (0,0) P3 (32,0)
P4 (0,0) P5 (0,0) P6 (0,0) P7 (18,382)
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Old 21/06/2014, 10:46 AM   #6
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Default Re: crash

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