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Default Re: How is the state of Game Server Provider Industry, now ?

Originally Posted by Samp_India View Post
Back in the day, we used to refer game server hosting providers like Volt-Host as a Game Service Provider (GSP).

Is that not still a thing ?

What's the state of hostskool and simplyfrag ?
I've just taken over SimplyFrag (Yes, we do offer still the Hosted Tab listings to customers)

Jack sold SimplyFrag to my company due to his server locations being pretty terrible and servers not that great. Ours are UK, NVME's.

I've always had heavy interest in gaming. Especially since I re-wrote Ravens to MySQL and YSI :')
╠ Ɽavens Roleplay → mySQL BlueG R41-4 ╣
╠ Ɽavens Vehicle System → Re-scripted to Y_Iterators & Y_Inline ╣
╠ Ɽavens Commands → STRCMP Re-scripted to Y_Commands ╣
╠ Ɽavens AntiCheat → Migrated over to F-Cleo ╣
╠ Ɽavens Password System → Changed to Whirlpool (WP_Hash) & SHA256_PassHash (Salt) ╣
╠ Ɽavens Jobs System → Entirely re-scripted ╣

╠ Ɽavens Library's Used → Ύ_Iterate, Ύ_Inline, Ύ_Timers, Ύ_Commands, Ύ_Master, Ύ_Dialog, Ύ_Groups, Ύ_Hooks, Ύ_Utils, Ύ_VehicleData, Ύ_Va, A_mySQLYInline, BlueG MySQL R41-4, FCLEO, OPVD, SSCANF2, Progress2, EVF, [MV]_Youtube, Whirlpool ╣
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Default Re: How is the state of Game Server Provider Industry, now ?

Back then, they had the worst service, the prices were not even competitive with the likes.
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Default Re: How is the state of Game Server Provider Industry, now ?

prestigesteve oldskoolhot died
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