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Big Clucker
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Default Pickups outside normal map don't get created

Bug relating to 0.3.8 new objects was fixed in latest RCs. But still, pickups that are outside of the normal 4096 range won’t get created. Given the 0.3.8 update that will allow custom objects (and therefor, maps), it would only make sense to get the pickups fixed so scripters can take advantage of it.

An unofficial fix is already available, this proves the issue can be fixed.
Originally Posted by ][Noname][ View Post
pickup coord stored in short int 16 bit value

float x;
short int savex=short int(x*8)
limit - (2^16)/8/2=65536/8/2=8192/2=4096

set limit to 32768 without changing structure format will change coord accuracy step to 1.0

test with limit 4096*2=8192
but accuracy - 0.25


I don't know is there any incompatible with other mods or what Kalcor will change

use only for testing!

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