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Default Everystuff (2012) Freeroam|Stunt|DM

Releasing the core Everystuff gamemode script. Use it as-is or build on it. I kindly ask that you leave my name in the OnPlayerConnect message...but its your server so I can't force you. Would just be grateful, thats all

Things you'll notice:

Warnings: These are command/functions that I've yet to use. Remove them if you don't like warnings. Keep them if you think you'll use them

Blocks of code in an odd "order": I didn't do much re-arranging / prettifying. I'm not your maid :P

Very little vehicles/objects:
I use Filterscripts for most of my vehicles and objects. The /car menu is included in this gamemode release though

Mistakes: I'm not a pro. Never have been probably never will be. This is the script, take it or leave it

While this will likely be playable as-is, I'm providing this more as a template for people to grow on. If you have trouble running it...have fun learning how to bug fix

Direct from server:

NOTE: This mode includes a modified version of Yagu's race script. It does NOT include the races themselves. You will have to install those on your own. Find his race script for the core folder(s) and file(s) needed, otherwise expect a few errors from the race system.

You will need to install the Cleverbot include in order to use Cleverbot. Otherwise, comment out:
...or it won't compile

If you end up using this, feel free to +rep me here. Thanks!

Features in a nutshell:
Integrated Yagu race script w/ automatic rotation
Menu-based /car command
Multiple DM zones in SetPlayerBounds confinement(s)
Vehicle "catapults" - Idea from a FS script that I will link to here
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