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Default why... atan2 and angles

uggggghh, why the hell is there no atan2 and some math function documentations on samp wiki..

i wasted probably an hour trying to figure out why atan2(y1-y2,x1-x2) wouldnt work.. thats because its supposed to be atan2(x,y) in samp for SOME fkn reason ..
also GTA angles are just fucked in general because east is north and u have to take away 90 or do -angle its so annoying and having to add floatsin to X and floatcos to y which is complete opposite.
it took me some time to realize because i havent used these functions in a while and had to look at my older gamemodes and there is no wiki article..

i swear samp and gta devs did this just to mess with us

also the amount of wrong answers on the forums even from old high rep users is shocking, they type up one thing but when you try to run it on a script its not working because there is missing brackets () or pawn acts differently than C like with the atan2 case. so yeaaaaa sry i just had to vent somewhere
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