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Big Clucker
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Default Why are all the rp servers the same?

What the title says, pretty much every rp server is the same. From the script to faction, hell even the skins they use are the same like the admin jail skin, they always use the garbage man skin, and Claude as newbie skin. If you want your rp server to be successful I recommend trying to do something unique, thanks.
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Why are all the rp servers the same?

Look, this is what makes pretty much all of the rp servers. A server to be successful, the community comes in first, and the gamemode doesn't matter at all.
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Default Re: Why are all the rp servers the same?

- People aren't creative
- People are lazy
- Many roleplay gamemodes has been released, why recreate the wheel when someone else wasted his time on doing half of the work for you ?
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Why are all the rp servers the same?

I wouldn't call all the roleplay servers the same. There are some with their own twist on it. I do agree that the vast majority are trying to replicate LSRP in one way or another.
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Default Re: Why are all the rp servers the same?

No-one has time to create a fresh RP gamemode, and if they do, it may be a failure in the future coz logically it's gonna have the same features as others, that's why no-one is creating his own gamemode, simple as dat
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Default Re: Why are all the rp servers the same?

Ideas has simply finished... As TheSnaKe said, Even trying to make your own gamemode will end to be similar to other servers.

And also the PB can be the reason.. Doing some unique realistic stuff needs players to be able to run the RP but the playerbase is low.


The Best SAMP IDE.

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Default Re: Why are all the rp servers the same?

They use Godfather/Pen LS/ZGaming edits. My script didn't have any of the things you mentioned above. You went in Ajail you kept your skin, you got a random skin at spawn etc. TRP is the same, and a lot of other servers (I think LSRP?, PR-RP etc)
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Default Re: Why are all the rp servers the same?

Lazyness is the main part.

The ideas are there but people don't want to get head aches from working on a brand new gamemode.
Most of them will try to implement their ideas into existing gamemodes, but most of these guys will fail, because putting your fingers through someone else's code isn't exactly easy either. So they implement small features that don't have much impact and that's it.

Here's some ideas I ran in my head. Why not attempts this?

1. Every RP server is about stuff that you do in real life.
That tends to get extremely boring. Why not get inspired from some RPG games? Maybe a quest based level system just like you see in WoW or other MMOs. The main challenge is scripting stories for the quest, but you can hire people to use their imagination. After that it's about using NPCs for quests. Have simple 1 player quests or raid quests, just like instances in WoW. This is GTA and RP will send you to jail if you kill someone. It's ridiculous.

2. Changing the style of teaching.
You join an RP server and the first thing you have to do is memorize a long chunk of information before you can begin. Having trouble with it? No problem, you can choose to go through it all over again. Guess what, they adopted the same method in schools in my country, and judging by the grades in the past few years, it doesn't seem to have that much success. Just make text bubbles for everything and display them when the player has to deal with that feature for the first time instead of wasting his time when he joins. We learn easier if we do it on the spot.

3. Apparently the current RP servers ask a lot of info. They require our full name gender and age.
How about "NO"? GTA San Andreas is rated M for Mature. People below 17 theoretically should NOT be in the game. We all know that people ignore the rating, but the age should not be relevant to a SA-MP server. People can throw in any kind of data, so why not just skip it? Allow the player to get in the middle of the action ASAP.

Anyway, that's just me throwing some ideas. The point is, the possibilities are there.

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Default Re: Why are all the rp servers the same?

Russian RP servers aren't the same..
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Why are all the rp servers the same?

As a roleplay server owner myself. I must say the problem does relay to the playerbase of some servers. There are some servers out there that are insanely unique (some features I have never seen). These servers do not get the playerbase they deserve because people would rather play a edit.
My second belief is that SAMP heavy roleplay is just dead and will never return.
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