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Default Controlling remote computer

Hey guys what would you suggest for invisible remove control of some PC? Im pretty fine with using command line for that purpose.

What i need is actually to copy some files from thumb drive to PC, and later download it to my PC if possible.
Does anyone know some software that can help me with these or i will have to code something by myself?

I can install software on PC i want to remotely control (including with admin acc if i have to)

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Default Re: Controlling remove computer

delete (wrong topic)

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Default Re: Controlling remove computer

you can use FTP(fileserver), cloning monitor ( teamviewer ) or Leo's Backup

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Default Re: Controlling remove computer

If the pc doesnt have ports forwarded you wont be able to connect to it outside of LAN, if you will run a server su ch as FTP on it. You have to reverse the process. Write your own client server virus, so that the pc will automatically connect to your pre defined server with ports forwarded and listen for your commands
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Default Re: Controlling remove computer

Are those PC's both Windows Pro? If so, you can try Windows Remote Desktop to moves files between PC's and/or control both PC's at once.
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