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Default Gagi's Dynamic House System


/chouse - Command for create house
/removehouse - Remove the house
/gotohouse - Teleport to any house
/buyhouse - For buy house
/house - Menu with some functions (Sell,Change rent,Evict,House name,Change Lock Password)
/[un]renthouse - [Un]rent house
/hwithdraw - Put money in safe
/hdeposit - Take money from safe
/hputgun - Put gun on slot 1/2
/htakegun - Take gun from slot 1/2
/checksafe - Show money and guns in safe
/knock - Knocking on doors
/lockdoor - When you type lock door you will see this textdraw:

and there you type password for it. In future versions, I will upgrade this.
/unlockdoor - Unlock door
/enter, /exit
/payrent - Pay rent in house safe
/hcar - RCON admin add house car
/findmycar - Show where is your car. But when you looking for them must be at house.
/hupgrade - When you are in house you can buy new interior with /hupgrade again u will be close it. That will see on picture:

How to:

1) Add this on my server.
-When you download .rar then unrar it in your server folder
-Then simply add House_System in server.cfg in line filterscripts
Example: filterscripts House_System

2) I can't add house
-When you load the FS then just login as RCON admin and type
/chouse [House ID] [House Name] [House Price] [Level for buy house]

Download v1.4(Bug Fix):

In Future:

-Will be make phone in house like this for look
-Probably some system with /robhouse and something with Lock System
-Maybe to store weapon/money in cars
-Some new commands
-And if somebody have any idea send me


Mr.Gagi(Gagi_Corleone) - Make this
****** - sscanf,foreach,YSI
Incognito - Streamer
Double-O-Seven - ProxDetector
Prof.Dr.Lepotic(LeFlure) - Make logo

Update v1.1:
-Car storage
-Fix bug with house storage
-Fixed bug with /buyhouse
-Added house phone (textdraws)
-Added /changespawn u must be in house and then change spawn
-Added /robhouse

Commands added in v1.1:


Update v1.2:
-Fixed few bugs
-Now this is gone work on house Id beacuse now will be save ID
-Now you can give your house key to somebody
-Added address at house to take location of house
-From now on if a player play for an hour gets the bills for a house
-Automatic unowned house after 7 days. You can change in MAX_DAYS
-Now when you talk with someone there will be write his name not "Phone"
-Now you can find your house just type /myhouse and you will get address and house will be marked

Commands added in v1.2:


Update v1.3 (Bug Fix):

-Fixed bug with command /hputgun little bug and changed range for type command
-Now checkpoint will be disabled when player enter to him
-Now when you upgrade house you'll automatic teleported to new house
-Fixed bug with negative money in house upgrade
-Fixed bug with in house upgrade for interior
-Also /changespan work at me on Untilted mode. Maybe problem is at your OnPlayerSpawn

Special thanks to notepad

Update v1.4 (Again Bug Fix):

/hwithdraw - changed to /hdeposit
/hdeposit - changed to /hwithdraw
-Fixed my bad english. Special thanks to Pillhead2007
-Fixed bug with /removehouse (Added to destroy MapIcon)
-Fixed bug with labels,pickups on coordinates 0,0,0

Sorry for my bad english
My Works

[FilterScript] GiDan Admin system
[FilterScript] Gagi's Dynamic House System
[FilterScript] IG Job Maker
[FilterScript] Car ownership
[FilterScript] Gagi's Dynamic Event System

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