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Default BlackBomb TDM/Cops Vs Terrorist TDM

Hello, Its been awhile!
I have been working on a gamemode for couple of years but I am sick of scripting now, so I think I wont script anymore! Please do not PM me for bugfixes/new features I wont script anymore!

Story about the journey of BBTDM/CVTTDM
I started playing sa-mp in 2011 I used to play server called Desert Storm I was inspired by it so I kept playing in-fact I no-lifed it in 2012 I was introduced to mapping by my brother who taught me how to mapped, he left sa-mp in same year and decided to take-over his server TaC-TDM (SATDM edit) so I learned Scripting and started to help people in sa-mp forums with whatever knowledge I had. As time passed my scripting was getting better and in 2013 I had this crazy idea of making script and posting it on samp forums for reputations, I got myself free host, hosted the server and released my game-mode (BlackBomb TDM/BBTDM) after few days I had like 30 players playing on my internet list. I got shocked and went immediately to sa-mp forums and removed all download links and started updating the script. I met a guy who agreed on paying for the hosted tab of my server, as time passed people kept coming on my server. In 2014 we had strong player base of 70 people! The server died eventually when my friend (who was paying for the host) who got serious in-real life left sa-mp and decided not to waste any more pennies on game! So yea that is how CVTTDM died!

Script Information

Lines: 15662

It has two teams, cops and terrorists along with two factions, namely the Optics and the Mafias.

The two teams can plant or defuse bomb in the Army base, start airstrike and hell-jumper attacks, defend their bases, conquer zones, use hospital for healing purposes, and draw up plans for the "WAR", in their headquarters, located in their bases where the enemy team can't enter.

And then comes the two factions consisting only professional players, which support their teams.

The Optics are the group of army men specialized in warfare skills, and are always ready to help the army and destroy the mafias and terrorists

The Mafias which support the terrorists, are specialized in Warfare skills, Random attacks, etc.

Ten Classes in total.
  • Miliant - Just Simple Class, Newbie Class.
  • Assault - Just Simple Class, Another Newbie Class But Good Weapons.
  • Medic - Can heal players by /heal.
  • Sniper - 15 Damage with Silence 9mm, /hideme Feature also
  • Suicider - Press Y to attach bomb on you, Press N To Explode it.
  • Pyrmon - Fire Throwing Weapons
  • Bomber - Can Plant C4 Bombs by pressing Y
  • Engineer - Can Drive Rhino and /mfix Player car.
  • Pilot - Can Use Fly Vehicles, Hunter, Hydra, Seasparrow.

  • Bomber Patriot(Can Throw Bombs)
  • M4 Grenade(LAlt to Attack Grenade in m4)
  • Weapon Drop
  • Zombie System for Events
  • Bomb System
  • Class System
  • Random Message
  • Anti Team Killing
  • Anti Spawn Killing
  • Laser Light System
  • Admin System
  • Vip System
  • Conquer Zones
  • Air Strike for Army, Hell Jumper for Terrorist
  • Cookies System
  • tHQ for both teams(having /getweapons /gethealth /getarmour in HQ)
  • Player Commands(100+)
  • Weapon Shop
  • Rank System
  • Two Teams, Army And Terrorist
  • Kill Streak System
  • Pm system with Allow Mode and /re CMD
  • Quiez System
  • Anti Spam
  • Random Army And Terrorist Spawns
  • IP Limits 3.
  • Team Balance
  • 2 Factions(Optic and Mafia)
  • Hospital
  • Duel System
  • Clan Tag System
  • OnDeath 5 Second Spec
  • Random Weathers(Sunny, Cloudy)
  • Gift System can be given by admins only
  • Weapon Truck Capture
  • Anti Weapon Hack
  • Anti Team Kill
  • Anti heli Blade
  • Anti Spawn Kill
  • Anti Veh Modification
  • Anti Fake Kill
  • Anti Ping Kickl
  • Anti Car Spam
  • Anti Spam
  • Anti Advertise
  • Anti Fake Killing
  • Anti Car Warping
  • Anti G-Abuse
  • Anti Team Ject
  • Anti Ping Kick(MAXPING LImit can be change by Admins!)
  • Round System
  • Capture Garage, Can repair vehicle.
  • Duel System
  • top10 Players
  • Damage Sound (/togs to Disable)
  • Round System
  • Capture Zones
  • Voting System
  • Killing Spree System(200 Spree's)
  • Head Shot System(Helmet System will take 60% Damage by Headshot)
  • Dynamic Event System(Shipfight, TDM and DM)
  • Rustler Bomb System
  • Cracking Password Gate System to Plant Bomb
  • Anti Crashers
  • Fully MySQL
  • User Control Panel(Signatures, BanList, Profile Info) (Comming Soon)
  • Anti-Team Vehicle Damage
  • Anti-Base Rape
Much more, too lazy to add all of them!

- Kye - SA:MP and MapAndreas Plugin
- ReD_HunTeR - Original Scripter
- Konstantinos - This guy is fucking legend he helped me everytime I made a thread on forums!
- Arjanz - Helped me fixing bugs
- Incoginto - Streamer Plugin and Include
- StrickenKid - MySQL Plugin and Inlcude
- Abagail - Whirlpool plugin
- Emmet_ - SSCANF Plugin and Include
- Slice - SKY.dll
If i forgot anybody please forgive me!

Random Video

Operation Neptune Spear

NRG stunt

Gamemode, Plugin and Inlcudes

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Default Re: BlackBomb TDM/Cops Vs Terrorist TDM

Hmm im not trusting paki gamemodes.
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Default Re: BlackBomb TDM/Cops Vs Terrorist TDM

You are brainwashed mate. Grow up!
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Default Re: BlackBomb TDM/Cops Vs Terrorist TDM

I love good paki's..

Features sounds good, but code is shit..
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Default Re: BlackBomb TDM/Cops Vs Terrorist TDM

Originally Posted by Hunud View Post
I love good paki's..

Features sounds good, but code is shit..
code is shit?
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