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Default (0.3z) NPCs And Weapon Discharges

Prior to the release of 0.3z (during 0.3x), the NPCs and the way they shoot other players and discharge weapons were fine. When 0.3z came out (RC1), the NPC's cannot damage players with weapons. You hear the weapon being discharged and see a muzzle break, but there is no bullet and impact. OnPlayerTakeDamage is also not called unless you are standing point blank in relation to the NPC, and he 'pistol whips' you. I'm not sure why this wasn't fixed, it's a feature which worked in 0.3x, but no longer in 0.3z, it was also reported a few times before the last RC(5). Thanks.
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Default Re: (0.3z) NPCs And Weapon Discharges

Post withdrawn.

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Default Re: (0.3z) NPCs And Weapon Discharges

Still existent in 0.3z R2-2.
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