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Default MenuStore (Build dynamic stores with TextDraws)

This include allows you to create many types of stores using Textdraws.


Click on the image to see the video.


PHP Code:
stock MenuStore_AddItem(playeriditemidmodelidname[], pricedescription[] = EOSFloat:description_size 0.0bool:description_line_jump truestack 1Float:rotX 0.0Float:rotY 0.0Float:rotZ 0.0Float:zoom 1.0
  • "itemid" - Item ID, will serve as "key", each item must have unique ID.
  • "modelid" - Model of the item that will be displayed in the preview.
  • "name" - Item name.
  • "price" - Item price.
  • "description" - Item description.
  • "Float:description_size" - Increase description box, value default is 0.0.
  • "bool:description_line_jump" - Automatic line break or not
  • "stack" - Above 1, the item can be stacked in the cart.
  • "rotX", "rotY", "rotZ" - Preview Rotation.
  • "Float:zoom " - Preview Zoom.

PHP Code:
stock MenuStore_Open(playeridmenuid[], store_name[], money_sign[] = MS_DEFAULT_MONEY_SIGNbutton_confirm[] = MS_DEFAULT_CONFIRM
  • "menuid" - It works just like easyDialog, you can by any name without having to define it.
  • "store_name" - Store name.
  • "money_sign" - Money sign, the default is "$"
  • "button_confirm" - Name of the confirm button, the default value is "Buy".

Code Example

PHP Code:

if(strcmp(cmd"/store"true) == 0)
MenuStore_AddItem(playerid1342"Granade"500"Throw to explode."200);
MenuStore_AddItem(playerid2344"Molotov"500"Throw to set fire to something."200);
MenuStore_AddItem(playerid3346"9mm Pistol"500"Pistol with low firepower.");
MenuStore_AddItem(playerid4347"Silenced 9mm"500"Pistol with low firepower.");
MenuStore_AddItem(playerid5348"Desert Eagle"500"Pistol with high firepower.");
MenuStore_AddItem(playerid6349"Shotgun"500"Normal Shotgun.");
MenuStore_AddItem(playerid7350"Sawnoff Shotgun"500"Powerfull Shotgun.");
MenuStore_AddItem(playerid8351"Combat Shotgun"500"Powerfull Shotgun.");
MenuStore_AddItem(playerid9352"Micro SMG"500"Two-handed machine gun.");
MenuStore_AddItem(playerid10353"MP5"500"Machine gun.");
MenuStore_AddItem(playerid11355"AK-47"500"Powerfull Rifle.");
MenuStore_AddItem(playerid12356"M4"500"Powerfull Rifle.");
MenuStore_AddItem(playerid13372"Tec-9"500"Powerfull machine gun.");
MenuStore_AddItem(playerid14357"Country Rifle"500"Normal Rifle.");
MenuStore_AddItem(playerid15358"Sniper Rifle"500"Powerfull Rifle.");
MenuStore_Show(playeridWeapon_Shop"Shop Weapons");


GetPlayerMoney(playerid) < price)
SendClientMessage(playerid, -1"You don't have enough money.");

amount == 1) {
GivePlayerWeapon(playeridGetWeaponIDFromModel(modelid), 200);
    else {
GivePlayerWeapon(playeridGetWeaponIDFromModel(modelid), amount);
format(string128"You bought %dx %s"amountitemname);
SendClientMessage(playerid, -1string);
GivePlayerMoney(playerid, -price);

stock GetWeaponIDFromModel(modelid)
331idweapon 1// Brass Knuckles
case 333idweapon 2// Golf Club
case 334idweapon 3// Nightstick
case 335idweapon 4// Knife
case 336idweapon 5// Baseball Bat
case 337idweapon 6// Shovel
case 338idweapon 7// Pool Cue
case 339idweapon 8// Katana
case 341idweapon 9// Chainsaw
case 321idweapon 10// Double-ended Dildo
case 325idweapon 14// Flowers
case 326idweapon 15// Cane
case 342idweapon 16// Grenade
case 343idweapon 17// Tear Gas
case 344idweapon 18// Molotov Cocktail
case 346idweapon 22// 9mm
case 347idweapon 23// Silenced 9mm
case 348idweapon 24// Desert Eagle
case 349idweapon 25// Shotgun
case 350idweapon 26// Sawnoff
case 351idweapon 27// Combat Shotgun
case 352idweapon 28// Micro SMG/Uzi
case 353idweapon 29// MP5
case 355idweapon 30// AK-47
case 356idweapon 31// M4
case 372idweapon 32// Tec-9
case 357idweapon 33// Country Rifle
case 358idweapon 34// Sniper Rifle
case 359idweapon 35// RPG
case 360idweapon 36// HS Rocket
case 361idweapon 37// Flamethrower
case 362idweapon 38// Minigun
case 363idweapon 39;// Satchel Charge + Detonator
case 365idweapon 41// Spraycan
case 366idweapon 42// Fire Extinguisher
case 367idweapon 43// Camera



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