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Little Clucker
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Post Help me !

My server is full of Hacker. When I banned him. He will apply again.

How do i fix ?
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Help me !

As in he's evading his ban? There isn't really much you can do except hire better admins and implement a better anti-cheat. I strongly advise you not to ban his IP constantly (as another player in the future may have this IP) unless it's temporary.

You can check if a player is evading with these few tips (not always definite, but it's worth trying these as it's better than nothing):
- checking his GTA serial (GPCI). Please note, this won't always be accurate because people have cracked GTAs and people can also share their copies of GTA with others (hence giving them the same GPCI)
- ban evasion system (it flags if the player's network part of the IP is the same to warn admins of a possible evade. You shouldn't ban in this case because anyone with the same ISP will be flagged, but it can help narrow it down. This can also be avoided if the cheater uses a VPN).
- checking past bans (has he evaded recently? what was the reason for the past bans?)
- checking if he's breaking the same rules. Pretty much the main cause for worry: if the player is breaking the same rules (e.g. cheating/hacking, whatever you want to call it), then it's obvious.
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