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Little Clucker
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Default It won't let me enter the server

Hello friends I hope you are fine, it happens that when I start my server it starts well, it connects the database well but at the moment of entering it is as if the server was restarted, before the same gm went up as this is another host and it uploaded me Okay, but now they gave me a new host and it gives me that error that does not allow it to enter the server, but why. I will leave you the error that gives in the server registry

HTML Code:
[06:57:34] --------------------------------
[06:57:34]  Gamemode Cargado Correctamente 
[06:57:34] --------------------------------
[06:57:34] Number of vehicle models: 3
[06:57:35] [connection] incoming connection: id: 0
[06:57:35] [connection] incoming connection: id: 1
[06:57:35] [connection] incoming connection: id: 2
[06:57:35] [connection] incoming connection: id: 3
[06:57:35] [connection] incoming connection: id: 4
[06:57:35] [connection] incoming connection: id: 5
[06:57:35] [connection] incoming connection: id: 6
[06:57:35] [connection] incoming connection: id: 7
[06:57:35] [connection] incoming connection: id: 8
[06:57:35] [connection] incoming connection: id: 9
[06:57:35] [connection] incoming connection: id: 10
[06:57:35] [connection] incoming connection: id: 11
[06:57:36] [debug] Run time error 4: "Array index out of bounds"
[06:57:36] [debug]   Accessing element at index 682 past array upper bound 18332
[06:57:36] [debug] Backtrace (most recent call first):
[06:57:36] [debug] #0  0x00002a30()+0xa4 from WR.amx
[06:57:36] [debug] #1  public cargartodo()+0xb0c60 from WR.amx
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: It won't let me enter the server

Debriefing the AMX error there..

It actually means, somewhere in the function "cargartodo", there's an array which is being accessed out of it's bounds. You need to check all the arrays and see what's causing the issue.

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