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Default The Death Warfare 4 Community - SWAT VS TERRORISTS [TDM][Hosted Tab][0.3.7]

Server IP:


Since 2018 started, we started establishing the Death Warfare 4 community, which is pretty much successful. Our current server is based on the famous mode "SWAT vs Terrorists" with modern gameplay experience and lots of features, you'll have a lot of fun in our simple community.

We do have a UCP, advanced forums and a website. Pretty much everything a community would need to run smoothly. Our servers are running 24/7 without interruptions, security leaks or DDoS attacks in any means.

Our staff members are active 24/7 under the supervision of the management team who ensure the staff members are doing their best, our goal is providing the safest and yet the best gameplay experience.

General Features

  • Advanced Login / Registration system based on MySQL.
  • Multiple server intros (incl. random music).
  • Many teams: TERRORISTS, SWAT, CIA, FBI, ARABIA, ...
  • Special divisions for the SWAT team and 10 classes for the rest of teams.
  • Advanced anti-cheat script.
  • Multiple skins per team.
  • Different weapon sets.
  • Advanced weapon shop.
  • In-game special V.I.P shop & credits system.
  • Advanced classes system.
  • XP system (harder than score).
  • Special VIP fortress (as big as Tierra Robada!).
  • Animations and shortcuts.
  • A detailed tutor upon registration.
  • A huge list of player, general and special commands.
  • Advanced event system.
  • PUBG mode (starts by administrators).
  • Capture The Flag.
  • Race system.
  • Prototype system.
  • Advanced inventory system.
  • Items drop/pickup.
  • Weapons drop/pickup.
  • Capture zones, assist capture, ...
  • Advanced statistics (/stats),
  • Radio system.
  • S.W.A.T Command Center.
  • Custom death animations.
  • Missions system (resets everyday).
  • Teleport points at some bases.
  • Advanced rank system with rank abilities.
  • Death match system.
  • Zombie, tank wars and RC modes included in DM.
  • Clan system feat. clan wars.
  • Clan base system with clan armor point.
  • Advanced achievements (with 3 versions: bronze, silver & gold).
  • Laser system and weapon toys.
  • Player settings.
  • Duel system with rematch and RC duel features (available in /duel).
  • Details for commands in /cmds.
  • Knife throwing feature for VIPs (target players with knife!)
  • Advanced rocket drop system (for rustler and Nevada).
  • Submarines that can be driven and used to attack enemies.
  • Spree system with spree bonus.
  • Squads system.
  • Advanced Anti Aircraft Vehicles that can target vehicles in air.
  • Nuclear system.
  • Advanced anthrax system: Cropdusters can be used to spread anthrax gas.
  • Revenge kill.
  • Actors at shops.
  • First blood system.
  • And many more, discover them yourself!
DW4 Community
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