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Big Clucker
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Default Format or STRMID ?

format(FrakInfo[i][FrakName], sizeof(FrakInfo[i][FrakName]), "%s",Fracs[i]);
strmid(FrakInfo[i][FrakName], Fracs[i], string, 0, strlen(string), 255);

Tried both but nothing works, whats wrong?
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Default Re: Format or STRMID ?

what are you trying to do?
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Default Re: Format or STRMID ?

This is wrong
pawn Code:

If you want to copy strings, use strcpy
pawn Code:
#if !defined strcpy
    #define strcpy(%0,%1) strcat((%0[0] = '\0', %0), %1)
pawn Code:
strcpy(FrakInfo[i][FrakName], Fracs[i], /* LENGHT_OF_FRAK_NAME */);
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