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Old 03/03/2011, 11:24 AM   #101
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Default Re: [INC]Spring Guns - Mounted Miniguns v. 1.1 - BUGS FIXED

thets what did i say!
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Old 22/03/2011, 07:01 PM   #102
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Default Re: [INC]Spring Guns - Mounted Miniguns v. 1.1 - BUGS FIXED

hey Great script i only miss a sound or a effect out of the minigun who is attack you.
can you make a function where i can turn on and turn of the miniguns like switching my miniguns

	CreateMinigun(2786.7858,3877.0761,2.0431,231.2356,20,24,true);// blub
	CreateMinigun(2752.7819,3870.5058,1.9100,285.2977,20,24,true);// blub
	CreateMinigun(2736.2980,3881.3149,1.8945,221.2321,20,24,true);// blub
	CreateMinigun(2738.9235,3915.6486,1.9100,112.0461,20,24,true);// blub
	CreateMinigun(2828.1975,3884.3395,1.9100,232.3438,20,24,true);// blub
	CreateMinigun(2782.6704,3884.1252,1.9100,182.1865,20,24,true);// blub
	CreateMinigun(2762.2531,3879.5524,1.9058,47.4755,20,24,true);// blub
	CreateMinigun(2883.3693,4006.0043,1.9100,269.4980,20,24,true);// blub
	CreateMinigun(2858.0136,4006.9187,1.9100,90.2189,20,24,true);// blub
	CreateMinigun(2881.9567,3942.3823,1.9100,31.7934,20,24,true);// blub
	CreateMinigun(2878.3798,3907.3264,5.3810,210.2034,20,24,true);// blub
	CreateMinigun(2838.8806,3901.1420,5.5817,138.7626,20,24,true);// blub
	CreateMinigun(2839.0839,3934.6076,5.5090,5.5947,20,24,true);// blub
	CreateMinigun(2877.9804,3934.9165,5.3274,302.3008,20,24,true);// blub
	CreateMinigun(2760.3977,4084.0078,2.1541,142.6997,20,24,true);// blub
	CreateMinigun(2760.2131,4100.2915,2.3977,354.4916,20,24,true);// blub
	CreateMinigun(2721.8510,4101.7949,2.4202,94.1326,20,24,true);// blub
	CreateMinigun(2721.7106,4085.4426,2.1756,174.6600,20,24,true);// blub
from true to false so the avtiviti will stop..
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Old 22/03/2011, 07:38 PM   #103
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Default Re: [INC]Spring Guns - Mounted Miniguns v. 1.1 - BUGS FIXED

a little Dialog Commandlist
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Old 01/05/2011, 06:54 AM   #104
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Default Re: [INC]Spring Guns - Mounted Miniguns v. 1.1 - BUGS FIXED

How you made it?
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Old 04/07/2011, 08:41 PM   #105
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Default Re: [INC]Spring Guns - Mounted Miniguns v. 1.1 - BUGS FIXED

when i use this. players keeps loosing healt all the time :S even if they would be on the moon :S
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Old 22/12/2011, 01:12 AM   #106
Ballu Miaa
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Default Re: [INC]Spring Guns - Mounted Miniguns v. 1.1 - BUGS FIXED

Allright so i made that command , /miniguncreate and added a feature where it gets created InGame.

When noone is using Minigun , and i come in front of it. It aims at me?? and keeps on decreasing my health?
What is this? I thought we could shoot with this?

I will take half payment as an advance to script for you.
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Old 22/12/2011, 01:19 AM   #107
Little Clucker
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Default Re: [INC]Spring Guns - Mounted Miniguns v. 1.1 - BUGS FIXED

thats cool, but it could be so much better if it was actually shooting them like this tank minigun someone published awhile ago, instead of just lowering their armour or hp
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