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Default Re: MySQL crash

Did you disabled logs? if not, under mysql_connect, you can add
My bad for the code. I didn't compile it for some reasons. Bring back the debug message to know if the query is executed or not.
PHP Code:
    //print("Beginning 'DisplayingBanPerIP' - Rows: %i", cache_num_rows()); 
printf("Beginning 'DisplayingBanPerIP' - Rows: %i"cache_num_rows()); 
To come back on queries ; the difference is when a query is non-thread, the server will wait until the query is completely executed. A threaded query will be processed in an another thread (not on the "main thread"/SA-MP server) and will return the result in a public callback. So your server can run multiple threaded queries without having lags.

I hope you understand, I'm sorry if not. My english still very basic.
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I'm a goner, somebody catch my breath
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