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Default sampcmd-go


This tool allows you to start SA-MP via the command line, alternatively it can be used as a go library.

GitHub Repository

Commandline Usage

sampcmd-go.exe -h -p 7777 -n Name
Golang usage

returnValue := sampcmd.LaunchSAMP("-h -p 7777 -n Name")
if(returnValue != 0) {
    fmt.Printf("An error occured. The application returned %d", returnValue)
For all available functions, check the documentation at

Available parameters
  • -d
    > Enables the debugging mode.
  • -c <RCON password>
    > Passes an RCON password to directly login as RCON administrator.
  • -h <IP address / hostname>
    > Specifies the server that you want to join.
  • -p <port>
    > Specified the servers port.
  • -n <name>
    > Specifies the ingame username.
  • -z <server password>
    > Specifies a password necessary to join the server.


Big thanks to BigETI for helping me on this one!
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Default Re: sampcmd-go

Good job.
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