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Little Clucker
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Default SAMP Addon(?)

Hey so I downloaded SAMP Addon recently because I heard it gives much advantages to the SAMP users(FPS/graphic/lag/crash fixes) before I had totally unmodified San Andreas and right now I've only SAMP addon installed. It all goes fine and works, but the problem is I've started feeling overheating before it doesnt use to heat much but now it does. Would it damage my PC physically? Does FPS fix causes overheating too? And I'd like to know that if one's laptop ventilation fan works 24/7 whenever the laptop is turned on?

Thanks, I'll wait for reply however I'm not sure if I'm done with my question if I have one I'll surely ask but for now I would like to know about SAMP addon and the unmentioned queries.
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Default Re: SAMP Addon(?)

Overheating can cause hardware to fail earlier, but I'm not sure if the SA:MP addon directly impacts your laptop overheating. It might be because it's pushing out more framerate that your hardware is doing more work, which makes it run warmer.

It could also be that there's dust in the ventilation fan (or in the laptop itself). You can check that and it might reduce the heat produced by your machine.

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Big Clucker
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Default Re: SAMP Addon(?)

AFAIK samp addon does a few things which increases the amount of work the CPU does. If you do want to know more, I would suggest looking up the past changelogs on the modification's page, as well as contacting the developer over there too.
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: SAMP Addon(?)

Have your computer cleaned. It's probably full of dust.
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Default Re: SAMP Addon(?)

Cleaning is a good idea.

But also you could check how warm it actually gets while on full load. Use for example Core Temp and GPU-Z to find out temperatures. If it's not too hot it's not really a problem, just annoying because of the fans.
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