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Default RemoveBuildingForPlayer

RemoveBuildingForPlayer does not remove LOW poly object (The one without collision and looks like s***)
So when you look it from some angles you can see it like the building is there (but very ugly one)
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Default AW: RemoveBuildingForPlayer

If you would use this, you would be able to remove LOD's aswell.
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Default Re: RemoveBuildingForPlayer

after removing RemovingBuilding ( objects )

our maps not showing properly ? am i right ?
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Default Respuesta: RemoveBuildingForPlayer

the object is never removed, not visible to the player.
increases fRadius.
RemoveBuildingForPlayer=Removes a standard San Andreas model for a single player within a specified range.
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Default Re: RemoveBuildingForPlayer

Old thread but still relevant. I believe the range is to delete this object within x range so i would not recommend increasing this thinking it will increase the distance its no longer visible from

How to fix
This is the LOD model you are seeing, you will see this listed in MTA
..   model="4848" lodModel="4976"   ..
Simply remove the LOD model too
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