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Default eLg Clan's Freeroam/Roleplay

I've decided to release my eLg Clan's Freeroam/Roleplay script to the public. This is the 0.3.7 version. I will probably include the 0.3.DL version later.

Some notes:
- To make yourself level 7 (head admin) , add without the quotation marks the lines "adminlevel=7" and "adminid=1" to your account file (remembering to submit a new line) , add to datafiles/a/adminids.ini "admin1=YourNameHere" , add to datafiles/a/admins.ini "YourNameHere=7" , and finally add "admins=1" to datafiles/t/totalstat.ini .
- Admin ID 1 (which you've just added from the note above) has control over all admins, even other level 7s
- strcmp is used, not a command processor
- This script uses DINI. When I started developing the script in 2006 there was no MySQL plugin. There weren't any plugins whatsoever back then! By the time plugins became possible in SA-MP and a stable MySQL one was made, I had already coded thousands of lines and decided not to switch from DINI. That was a huge mistake on my side, but feel free to convert to MySQL
- This script also uses Incognito's streamer plugin, cyber_punk's MRandom plugin, YourShadow's Pawn.RakNet plugin, and IllidanS4's version of YSF

Some general tips:
- Type /commands for a list of commands
- Press H to reload your weapon
- You can own up to 200'/. total shares in any 5 businesses (400'/. for VIP Ultimate members)
- Type /e or /engine to start your vehicles engine
- The driving school is located in Doherty, San Fierro
- The bike school is located in Blackfield, Las Venturas
- The flying school is located in Verdant Meadows, Bone County
- Type /leave to leave a stadium, organization interior, or the RC battleground
- Every 100 hours played will earn you 1 VIP point. Type /vippoints to spend your VIP points
- Finding the hidden horseshoe / oyster will give you $20000 more for VIP members)
- You can export vehicles at Easter Basin, San Fierro
- Use '/setacc [new_name] 0' to change your account name without informing other players
- Didn't position your clothing items correctly first time? No worries! - type /edititem
- Type /jobs for a list of available jobs and their locations
- To rob a store type /robstore whilst holding a weapon inside the store
- Type '/skydive 1' to publicly announce your skydive and the location
- Type /headshots for a list of weapon headshot probabilities
- Use /drivingschool to teleport to the driving school
- Find a full list of properties, businesses and organizations at the LV Planning Department
- Use /tc to communicate with fellow team members in events
- Non-VIP members will lose half of their on-foot money when they die. Use the banks to keep your money safe
- /escapejail chance of success is 5'/.
- Type '?[name / ID]' to check players' paused/AFK state. E.g. ?beckzy

Some admin tips:
- /addorgroof - stand at the position where you want the teleport to be. The minX and minY are the X and Y coordinates from the south west of the roof area - and the maxX and maxY are the from the north east. The minZ and maxZ can't be the same value.
- /addcctv - the interiorID can be found using the client command /interior. The doorID will either be 0 (not in an interior) or something else (in an interior). If it is in an interior the doorID can be found by typing /enexids enabling a chat message with the doorID when you enter or exit an interior. The message is in the format of something like "DOOR ID - %d. USE DOOR - %d." . Use DOOR ID unless USE DOOR is anything other than 0. For organization interiors you can get the doorID from /orginfo. Organization interior doorIDs are of a negative value due to them having a much lower virtual world ID.
- /eventteamscorecolor - requires text like ~r~ for red, or ~b~~h~~h~ for light blue, etc.

I've picked up some bad habits coding in PAWN over the years, but the script is pretty much feature rich and bug free. If you do happen to find a bug though, I know my script inside out and will fix it as soon as I get a chance.

More info will be posted later.

Edit - 08/07/2019: Updated download links (bottom of post) and included the 0.3.DL version of the script. The 0.3.DL version isn't too much different from the 0.3.7 version. Here is a list of changes in the 0.3.DL version:

- The missing SA skins can be used by organizations, in events, and by VIP members
- Increased max player cones for police, racing gangs, etc
- Closed default pay n sprays and added several scripted pay n sprays
- Closed default bomb shops and added a scripted bomb shop
- Added rentable/controllable lock-ups at various single-player mission garages
- Added many Vice City interiors (some as property interiors, some as hidden interiors, some as enterable interiors)
- Removed Cesar's garage door and made it usable in /addpropgate
- Made Doherty garage door available as an organization gate

Edit - 14/11/2019: A few minor updates/fixes:

- Updated the pawn raknet plugin included to the latest version
- Renamed VIP Deluxe to VIP Ultimate and changed the color to Platinum (#E5E4E2)
- Fixed the "action" message colors in /dskin
- Fixed random weather selection for each city
- Added the Easter Basin carrier door and a gate at the entrance as usable orgainzation gates

Edit - 22/11/2019: A few more minor updates/fixes and removed the 0.3.DL version:

- Fixed adminid 1 not having full control over all admins (inc. other level 7s)
- Only adminid 1 can use /setvip
- Re-wrote /transfer in a similar style to /tp (/tp also handles multiple players)
- Completely disabled the MP3 player code. It is old, outdated, and the song choices (which were my own) aren't preferable to most people
- When you join a race event you will be put into the longest "idle" vehicle of that event (the vehicle that has been unoccupied the longest) . When the event is opened, or if all vehicles in the event have respawned since anyone last joined, all the vehicles will have the same last idle time therefore you'll be put in the first vehicle in the list
- Added VIP points. You can earn VIP points by reaching each 100 hours played milestone. Type /vippoints to spend your points on various VIP Levels & durations
- Added two linked organization gates at a HQ in Verona Beach
- Re-positioned the mod shop checkpoints. X is more central and Y is closer to the entrance, meaning it's practically impossible to trigger the client-side script
- You're given $50000 instead of $15000 when you register an account
- You're no longer required to have played 7 hours to rob a store. Instead you must now be holding a weapon
- Changed VIP Ultimate color from platinum #E5E4E2 to metallic silver #C0C0C0
- The 0.3.DL version is removed. If in the future the 0.3.DL features are included in the main SA-MP version I'll re-enable the .DL specific features of the gamemode

Edit - 28/11/2019: These will probably be the last updates/tweaks to the script for a while. Anyhow:

- Added an alternate trailer site at LVA Freight Depot to the trucking mission. If you're selected this site you'll be driving a Linerunner and when you connect to the trailer the destination you're given will be at a random clothes store
- Fixed text overlay in the trucking mission when detaching the wrong trailer after having already been attached to the right one
- Fixed /collectweapons not working on-foot in organization checkpoints
- Organizations can have up to 6 different weapons (providing each weapon belongs to a different weapon slot)
- Organization leaders/co-leaders can use /editrankperms to assign up to 3 different weapons to each of their organizations ranks
- When an organizations weapons are changed and there are more than 3 weapons assigned, the first 3 weapons will be allowed automatically for each rank

Edit - 07/12/2019: A short/unplanned list of updates (because of the /payrent bug I reckoned it important to upload this now):

- Fixed misleading information in /guide R.E. pizza delivery missions
- /rspec won't select the player you're already specating if there are others online and spawned
- All admin property related commands have been moved into /apropcmds
- When using /acmds, /aocmds, /apropcmds, and /aeventcmds, you will only see the commands available up to your level
- Fixed /payrent saving the "payment to" details to the property owner's bank statement instead of the paying tenant's

Edit - 16/12/2019: Another short/unplanned list of updates/fixes:

- Renamed "Official Organizations" to "Organizations" and renamed "Unofficial Organizations" to "Parties"
- Interior enex markers will only show if your interiorid is the same as that of the enex
- VIP members can sell their vehicles to other players after having changed the vehicle model
- Moved /setmoney and /givemoney to admin level 4
- Fixed /taxi, and /buyticket (when your gaming state is role-play), request messages being cut short
- Fixed /payfare not working for taxi fares
- Added Limo fares (same logic as taxi fares but in a Stretch)
- Organization ranks max wage increased from $1500 every 30 mins to $5000 every 30 mins

Edit - 17/12/2019:

- Fixed organization alarm messages being sent to all organization members instead of members of the linked organizations only

Edit - 23/12/2019: Some updates/fixes:

- All admin organization, property, and business editing commands will send admin logs and print into the server log
- Moved /addcctv, /delcctv, /addalarm, /delalarm, /alarmref to admin level 6
- CCTV and alarm link/unlink commands will send admin logs
- Fixed a bug with /setleader, /kickleader, and /akickcoleader where the command would be unsuccessful when used on an online undercover admin with a lower level than yourself
- Changed "/setadmin [name] [level]" to "/setadmin [name] [level] [color] [status]" and "/setsmember [name]" to "/setsmember [name] [color] [status]"
- If you're hit by the 3rd swing of a katana (animation "sword_3") you will die instantly. The death reason will say "decapitated"
- Added headshot probabilities to weapons. Type /headshots for a list of probabilities
- When the game takes $100 off you after death you'll be given it back

Edit - 09/01/2020: Some further updates/fixes:

- /addtip, /deltip, /addrule, and /delrule will send admin logs and print into the server log
- Fixed /vipcmds text "VIP Commands - Level 1" displaying in dark violet instead of orange
- When collecting organization weapons the amount of ammo you're given will depend on the amount of ammo you already have for that weapon. E.g. if you have 10 ammo of the org weapon already and the ammo amount for the org weapon is 20, you'll only be given another 10
- /setadminstatus will send an admin log
- Fixed changing an organizations catagory to Mafia saying it's changed to Gang
- You must collect your business profit before making further investments or uninvesting
- Admin id 1 has full control of events over the event moderator (if set)
- Added the green/allow and red/disallow text colors to all organization rank permissions (they were previously only used when editing weapon permissions)
- /setgamingstate won't allow you to set the gaming state of an admin with the same or a higher level than yourself (unless you're admin id 1)

Edit - 12/01/2020:

- Death messages won't be sent if the wasted player isn't logged in
- Added /whois [ip_address] for admin level 3+ to view a list of registered users linked to a specific ip address
- Fixed the script refunding you $100 on death not always working properly

Edit - 16/01/2020: A player pointed out an issue with how business profit is calculated (cheaper businesses could produce almost as much as more expensive businesses). I've simplified how business profit is calculated:

- Increased max event team pickups to 6
- Daily business profit is now calculated as bus_cost / 20000 * shares
- Fixed getdate() being used twice when calculating business profit

Edit - 20/01/2020: A few updates/fixes:

- Players who spawn without logging in are kicked (hacks?)
- "FailedLoginTimer" is initiated in OnPlayerConnect then killed and reinitiated at the login screen
- Added instruction text to car/bike dealer menus and airport & school menus
- The /setacc "twice a day" restriction no longer applies for undercover admins
- You can't set a player's skin with /setskin when they aren't spawned
- Combine missions can be started at The Farm, Flint County
- Fixed VIP members being unable to change their bike color at bike dealers

Edit - 28/01/2020: Some updates/fixes:

- Players are kicked and their IP address is banned if their state changes to anything other than PLAYER_STATE_SPECTATING before they login
- Fixed kicking yourself as a helpdesk operator not kicking you fully til you reconnect
- Added 5 industrial ( VEHICLE_TYPE_INDUSTRIAL ) vehicles at The Farm
- Fixed Seasparrow machine gun death message
- Increased daily business profit by 150'/.
- Fixed raffle tickets in /itemlist displaying the wrong raffle ID

Edit - 29/01/2020:

- The OnPlayerDeath code isn't called if the wasted player isn't logged in

Edit - 05/02/2020:

- Added /freezeall and /unfreezeall for level 3+ admins to freeze/unfreeze all players within a specified radius
- Fixed being unable to disable headshots in events
- If a player's state changes too rapidly (at a somewhat impossible level) they are banned

Edit - 06/02/2020:

- Fixed being able to headshot your team mates in events when headshots are enabled and friendlyfire is off
- Fixed being able to change your name more than twice in a day

Edit - 07/02/2020:

- Fixed a flaw with the auto-ban for rapid state changing where innocent players could be banned when participating in events

Edit - 08/02/2020: Uploaded to mega, and:

- Limited /do input text to 112 characters to allow space for the player name and ID
- To avoid confusion when checking money transactions or a bank statement it'll state MAX_MONEY_TRANSACTIONS or MAX_BANK_TRANSACTIONS in the dialog title
- Race events team vehicle count can't be less than team max members
- Race events must be disabled to remove a team vehicle
- Replaced killerid with INVALID_PLAYER_ID in the death message for players who die in a vehicle boot

Edit - 09/02/2020:

- Fixed a bug where /getip wouldn't successfully identify a non-logged player's admin ID and undercover status
- Car/bike insurance now costs 15'/. of the original vehicle cost and pays out 75'/. of the original cost
- If a VIP member sells an insured car/bike after having changed the model, the insurance will be removed

Edit - 16/02/2020: Further fixes:

- Added pawnraknet fixes "Fix surfing invisible" by povargek and "Anti-surf invisiblity" thanks to Zhao
- Helpdesk login messages are now sent for helpdesk members only
- Fixed undercover admin map teleporting not printing into the server log
- Fixed OnPlayerClickMap using GetZoneIDFromPos twice (wasn't necessary)
- Idle time now decreases for admins spectating players
- Your idle time will new reset when you respond to a dialog
- Fixed a typo in the planning department first menu when you first enter the checkpoint

Edit - 18/02/2020:

- Fixed some false positives in the Anti-surf invisiblity and Anti /rem pawnraknet fixes (thanks Zhao)

Edit - 21/02/2020:

- Fixed various misspellings of "category" and "categories" through out the script
- Fixed headshots being possible in events with headshots disabled

Edit - 22/02/2020:

- Fixed a problem where the /getaip error message when trying to retrieve the ip address of an admin with the same or higher level than yourself will display the wrong player name

Edit - 28/02/2020:

- Fixed admin id 1 not being exempt from /rspec

Edit - 04/03/2020:

- Fixed admin id 1 not being able to set themself as an event mod
- Fixed /disableogate printing "[enableogate]" in the server log
- Fixed being able to start an events countdown timer when it has already started
- Moved the well stacked pizza co. mission checkpoints slightly closer to the door of the buildings (the checkpoint in Creek was inside the wall)
- Fixed a bug where if the raffle winner is online when the winning ticket is chosen the last ticket buyer will get the reward
- Made trams and train carriages exempt from the rapid state change auto ban

Edit - 14/03/2020:

- Fixed /unfreezeall not unfreezing non-event participants in radius

Edit - 20/03/2020:

- Entering police cars as driver will no longer give you 5 shotgun ammo
- Enexid 175 (ZIP clothes store in Downtown Los Santos) is no longer used as a trucking destination
- Added the sex shop interior to the sex shops in Temple and Old Venturas Strip
- Invalid vehicle components are filtered in OnVehicleMod
- /eventtype will send an admin log message and print into the server log

Edit - 21/03/2020:

- Fixed beer, wine, and sprunk dialogs in 24/7 initially being MSGBOX style instead of INPUT
- Fixed buying raffle tickets in 24/7 not checking that you have the correct amount of money
- When an event is set to start momentarily you'll only be unfrozen if the event type is Race (so you can change vehicles if you wish to)
- Moved /pba down to admin level 3

Edit - 22/02/2020:

- Restructed the scriptfiles (db) . All directories named with uppercase letters (alarmfiles/A, busfiles/B, cctvfiles/C, enterexit/E, eventfiles/E, orgfiles/B, orgfiles/O, orgfiles/P, propfiles/P, and userfiles/A - userfiles/Z) now have an underscore " _ " added. This is to differ between uppercase and lowercase directories on the Windows platform. You should rename these directories to add an underscore when updating to script to the latest version.
- Fixed the game text when winning a Guard The Flag event displaying the wrong team

Edit - 23/03/2020:

- Other than /banip and /unbanip, the default SA-MP ban system (samp.ban) is no longer used (/ban, /aban, and anti-cheat bans use a new system)

Edit - 27/03/2020:

- All VIP levels are different shades of pink. The higher the level the more vibrant the shade is
- /clear sends an admin log message and prints into the server log

Edit - 28/03/2020:

- If a vehicle is driven at a speed of 10 or more the boot (if open) will close
- Whoopee and Hotdog checkpoints will also be destroyed if the vehicle is driven at a speed of 10 or more
- You can't use /boot at a speed of 10 or higher, likewise you can't toggle a whoopee or hotdog checkpoint at a speed of 10 or higher
- Fixed being able to select a disabled menu row in mod shops when it is the only row
- /throwweap will send an admin note and print into the server log
- Added /packetloss (/pl for short) for admins to check a player's packetloss (extracted from GetPlayerNetworkStats)

Edit - 31/03/2020:

- Fixed /ad requiring VIP members to have $1000 even though the money isn't taken from them
- Added protection against certain dialog code being called multiple times in some cases
- Added the bistro kitchen to /viewhiddenint . (requires scriptfiles/enterexit/EE118.ini)

Edit - 01/04/2020:

- /vrespawn will now respawn stored owned vehicles at police departments back to their assigned slot positions
- Added an option for players to discard all of their expired raffle tickets

Edit - 02/04/2020:

- /asetpass will send an admin log message
- Fixed a critical bug with /delprop where tenant data from the replaced property ID will become messed up
- Removed the "bought" variable for properties. strcmp is now used with the owner name instead
- I previously fixed being able to select a disabled menu row in mod shops when it is the only row, however this didn't apply to Paintjobs. I forgot that the Camper has 1 available paintjob. You now can't select this Paintjob if your Camper has already got it.
- Fixed unlocking the "Steve Jobs" achievement not taking into consideration shares that you may already have in the business
- The unused achievement "Trevor Philips Enterprise" can now be unlocked by owning 200'/. of shares in businesses

Edit - 03/04/2020:

- Fixed being able to exit your RC vehicle inside mod shops
- Fixed Dumper being allowed in Transfender (it isn't moddable)
- Fixed invalid components not being filtered on aircraft and trailers

Edit - 04/04/2020 - these are somewhat important:

- Updated the "Quantum" crasher pawnraknet fix
- Added the "Enter" crasher pawnraknet fix

Edit - 05/04/2020:

- Added /eventrcplookatnextrcp to toggle the lookat behaviour of event race checkpoints. 0 will use the set lookat positions. 1 will use the next race checkpoint position

Edit - 06/04/2020:

- /delacc will send an admin log message

Edit - 07/04/2020:

- Hackers could fire bullets from non-bullet weapons causing players to freeze/crash. These bullets will now be desynced and the hacker will be banned
- /putin allows passenger seatid 8
- Lowered AK47 headshot probability to 15'/.
- Fixed /v (or /vehicle) checking for trucking mission trucks twice and not checking for bus & farm mission vehicles
- Players can hold 100 dice (200 for VIP members)
- /rolldice is now /rolldice [dice] , where dice is the amount of dice you want to roll
- Fixed an issue where /slap wouldn't always be local only

Edit - 08/04/2020:

- Improved the rapid horseshoe/oyster finding ban code reliability
- Increased max tips to 48 and max rules to 48
- Tips and rules are loaded and stored into an array on server start
- Moved /addtip, /deltip, /addrule, and /delrule to admin level 4

Edit - 09/04/2020:

- Max health that can be set using /sethealth is now 32767 to avoid the health bar flashing
- When entering spectate mode the player's health will be set to 2147385279.0 to prevent them from dying due to the "spectate helicopter bug"
- Increased the dialog list max string lengths in /kickadmin, /kicksmember, and /kickmp to 4096
- Added /gm for level 7 admins to set their own health to 2147385279.0 (godmode)
- Headshots don't affect admins with godmode enabled

Edit - 10/04/2020:

- Added /lockallenexforall and /unlockallenexforall for admins to toggle the ability to use enex markers for all players within a specified range
- Locked enex marker status is reset for players when they respawn
- Player colors set using /setcolor will be reset when the player respawns

Edit - 11/04/2020:

- Added a "Top 3 most kills" scoreboard to deathmatch events
- You must spawn to use /slap
- You can use /slap whilst muted, though you won't be able to add a custom slap item
- Fixed /loc being usable on admin jailed players and fixed /trace being usable on cellphone numbers belonging to jailed/admin jailed players
- Locked enex marker status is reset for players when they join an event

Edit - 12/04/2020:

- Admins can toggle headshots
- /headshots will state whether headshots are enabled/disabled
- School map icons are global for players without licenses

Edit - 14/04/2020:

- Pressing the directional keys (up, down, left, right) will reset your AFK status
- When viewing organization/property CCTV you can use the left and right keys to switch camera
- When viewing all CCTV admins can use the left and right keys to switch camera
- Moved /addcctv, /delcctv, /addalarm, /delalarm, /alarmref back to admin level 5
- /addcctv, /delcctv, /addalarm, /delalarm, and /alarmref send admin log messages
- You can stop viewing CCTV by pressing the Return key
- Added /editcctv for admins to to edit CCTV info

Edit - 15/04/2020:

- Fixed /delprop not resetting the property pizza checkpoint info

Edit - 16/04/2020:

- Fixed a server crash when a player would return to DIALOG_SELL_CAR from DIALOG_SELL_CAR2
- The ammunation menu is hidden (HideMenuForPlayer) before it is destroyed when a player leaves the ammunation checkpoint
- The player menu open variable "dphmo" is set to INVALID_MENU by default instead of 0

Edit - 18/04/2020:

- You can press the left and right buttons to switch between organization gates in /viewogate mode. Pressing the Return key will stop you viewing organization gates
- Since collecting organization weapons refills your org ammo instead of giving you extra ammo, organization members can now collect their weapons multiple times without needing to respawn
- /viewogate can be used on disabled organization gates. The message when viewing a gate will say if the gate is disabled
- Added some missing objects to Four Dragons Casino (from the PS2 ipls)

Edit - 19/04/2020:

- Your gaming state must be set to roleplay to use /tie
- Added /eventuseunoccupiedpos which when enabled will select an random unused spawn position for players in events (preventing players from spawning at the same position together)
- Fixed /startevent being listed twice in /aeventcmds
- Included an optional filterscript that removes the palm trees from inside the pillars at 4DC (they still exist in virtual world 0)
- Fixed DM events not closing/resetting properly when won

Edit - 20/04/2020:

- Fixed players not being set AFK in some cases

Edit - 21/04/2020:

- Added /eventmaxdropvelz to set a maximum velZ drop level in events. When that level is reached by a player they are respawned

Edit - 22/04/2020:

- Changed /eventmaxdropvelz to /eventminmaxvelz . (Z velocity increasement is now considered)
- When a player enters a vehicle and their skin is set they are unfrozen
- Added /leaderboard for a list of top stats e.g. most bus routes completed, most oysters found, most stores robbed, etc etc

Edit - 23/04/2020:

- Fixed DM and Race event scoreboards not updating properly sometimes when players leave the event
- /whois shows if the listed accounts are banned
- Fixed the flags returned, flags retained, and vehicles returned stats in /eventinfo always saying 0
- /weather won't change the weather in events if the event has a specific weather set

Edit - 24/04/2020:

- Added vehicles exported to /leaderboard
- Renamed "Parties" back to "Unofficial Organizations"
- /baninfo will state the ban date
- Added /resetsetacccount for admins to reset users /setacc count
- Putting a player in a boot will send an admin note
- Fixed player event stats and event scoreboards not updating properly when a player leaves the event at the wasted or respawn screen

Edit - 25/04/2020:

- When text draws are destroyed in the script their respective variables are set to Text:INVALID_TEXT_DRAW instead of Text:-1
- Sound ID 1055 "SOUND_SHOP_BUY_DENIED" is played with the "You don't have enough money to buy this item." text when you try to respray, buy a paint job, or buy a component without enough money
- Added a second text draw to mod shops displaying "You have already bought this item!" if you try to select a one type component that you've already bought (e.g. Hydraulics) . Sound ID 1055 "SOUND_SHOP_BUY_DENIED" will also be played when this text shows
- Added two more text draws to ammunations: "You cannot buy any more ammunition for this weapon." and "You cannot buy any more armor.". Sound ID 1053 "SOUND_AMMUNATION_BUY_WEAPON_DENIED" is played when these texts are shown

Edit - 26/04/2020:

- /exit will delay the rcon "exit" command by the number of connected players multiplied by 100ms
- Fixed /aunjail and /aaunjail returning the player to the position of the event instead of their position before the event

Edit - 27/04/2020:

- Fixed /ajail and /aajail not destroying the player's private dance actor
- Fixed /aunjail and /aaunjail returning the player to the private dance room instead of outside the room
- Fixed /aunjail and /aaunjail returning the player into the mod shop interior instead of outside the mod shop
- Fixed /aunjail and /aaunjail returning the player to their death position instead of the hospital
- Fixed /aunjail and /aaunjail returning the player into the shamal interior instead of outside the shamal
- When the driver of a vehicle is admin jailed and they are in a mod shop, their vehicle is set to outside the mod shop
- /transfer checks if the fromid has the amount of money if the fromid is the player using the command
- /respawnv can't be used on vehicles being used inside of mod shops
- You can't have a private strip dance when participating in an event
- You can't enter mod shops when participating in an event

Edit - 01/05/2020:

- Disabled all casino slot machines
- Now that all gambling opportunities are disabled the use of the Return key is allowed in casinos
- Fixed /orginitials not checking that the initials string isn't empty
- Added /deathlog for admins to view the last 48 deaths (excluding event deaths)

Edit - 02/05/2020:

- You have the option to save your skin at class selection
- Instead of checking that (vX + vY + vZ == 0.0) when in a train mission checkpoint, the maths is now (floatsqroot(floatpower(floatabs(vX), 2.0) + floatpower(floatabs(vY), 2.0) + floatpower(floatabs(vZ), 2.0)) < 0.001)

Edit - 03/05/2020:

- Organization roof areas (used for /down) no longer used dynamic areas. /down now checks the players position instead
- Alarm areas now have lower priority over other area types
- OnPlayerEnterDynamicArea code is now called if you enter a different area type whilst in an alarm area
- Properties, property interiors, and event team flags can be created inside alarm areas
- Updated the pawn raknet plugin included to the latest version
- Fixed some vehicle visual parts (Stunt plane tail wheel, Bandito spinning disc, others?) by resetting and restoring the vehicle damage status for forplayerid in OnVehicleStreamIn

Edit - 04/05/2020:

- Made RC vehicles exempt from the rapid state change auto ban

Edit - 05/05/2020:

- Player hidden VIP status are shown for admins in Scoreboard > Stats and /checkstats
- Fixed a server crash when deleting an organization rank
- Made boats exempt from the rapid state change auto ban

Edit - 06/05/2020:

- VIP Ultimate members can use the RC Cam
- Fixed being able to enter the RC Cam as passenger

Edit - 09/05/2020:

- Added an alternative class selection location at Verdant Bluffs, Los Santos

Edit - 10/05/2020:

- Fixed not being able to use /vsay when in a vehicle boot
- Fixed trains not unlocking for other players when you complete the mission

Edit - 11/05/2020:

- Fixed being able to unlock the achievement "Cleaning the streets" more than once
- Fixed being able to toggle /farm, /trucking, and /busdepot map icons only once

Edit - 14/05/2020:

- /hc now uses your helpdesk status color
- /orginfo now gives a list of linked CCTV cameras
- Added /propinfo which lists general property info and linked CCTV cameras

Edit - 15/05/2020:

- Fixed some admin dialogs not being hidden when an admin is kicked/demoted
- /orginfo and /propinfo now use msgbox dialogs

Edit - 24/05/2020 - The script now uses IllidanS4's version of YSF:

- frename replaces DINI_frenametextfile
- SetVehicleDead is used on vehicles in OnVehicleDeath to fix the spawn at Blueberry bug
- SetVehicleBeenOccupied is used on unoccupied vehicles that haven't been occupied if their position exceeds 0.5 of their spawn position (so that they respawn after their unoccupied respawn time)
- SetVehicleSpawnInfo is used on vehicles when you buy them
- SetVehicleSpawnInfo and SetVehicleToRespawn are used in /resetcar instead of recreating the vehicle. The vehicle respawn delay is also set to 60 seconds if the location is PD
- SetVehicleSpawnInfo is used on vehicles when you recollect them from the police department
- SetVehicleRespawnDelay is used on vehicles when you recollect them from the police department (to set the vehicle respawn delay to -1)
- Owned vehicles no longer spawn in a virtual world when respawned
- Removed the car/bike dealership respawn timer and set the default respawn delay of those vehicles to 60 seconds
- SetVehicleRespawnDelay is used on vehicles when you buy them (to set the vehicle respawn delay to -1)
- GetPickupPos is used in OnPlayerPickUpPickup to check that the player is near the pickup
- SetVehicleSpawnInfo and SetVehicleToRespawn are used to update event team vehicle info
- GetVehicleModelsUsed and GetVehicleModelCount replace vehiclemodels and vmodelused[]
- IsPlayerPaused is used when typing ?[name / id] to tell you if the player is paused (as well as AFK)

Edit - 26/05/2020:

- Fixed the boot drug storing dialog not displaying how much Marijuana you are holding
- After leaving the /buyticket shamal interior you'll be taken to the baggage reclaim interior which you can then leave and be outside of the airport

Edit - 04/06/2020:

- Fixed /down not working

Edit - 14/06/2020:

- Fixed /setskin not showing the cursor when the player ID isn't your ID

Edit - 22/06/2020:

- Fixed /canceloffer stating an incorrect offer amount for properties
- You can make a direct offer to other players for them to buy your shares of a business
- Changed the "Location" column in /acceptoffer, /rejectoffer and /canceloffer to "Shares" for business offers
- Changed the "Model" column in /acceptoffer, /rejectoffer and /canceloffer to "Model/Name" to support business names
- Property/business reset/delete commands cancel any existing offers

Edit - 07/07/2020 - some important fixes:

- Fixed /acceptoffer not giving/deducting the correct amount of money for business offers
- Fixed /acceptoffer messing up the business owner list when the buyer already has shares and the seller is selling all of their shares
- Fixed /resetbus (for some reason) lowering the total business count stat (/resetbusbyid was unaffected)

Edit - 10/07/2020:

- Fixed code in OnDialogResponse and OnPlayerSelectedMenuRow being called multiple times by checking that the player actually had the dialogid/menuid open

Edit - 12/07/2020:

- Removed the YSF plugin due to a crash
- Updated the Pawn.RakNet plugin

Edit - 13/07/2020:

- Fixed action shortcuts

Edit - 27/07/2020:

- Dynamic areas are used to detect picking up horseshoe and oyster pickups

Edit - 03/08/2020:

- Added /clearjp for admins to clear the join/part text

Edit - 06/08/2020:

- Fixed the last joining event team member not being frozen when the event starting countdown begins
- Fixed event members teams not being reset to NO_TEAM when the event is won, the member is kicked/banned from the event, or when the event is deleted

Edit - 10/08/2020:

- Fixed random weather selection choosing from only the first 16 of 24 weathers for each zone (this skipped rain, fog, and heatwaves for some cities)

Edit - 13/08/2020:

- Fixed trucking mission initial text not being hidden if you die during the mission

Edit - 17/08/2020:

- Fixed /asetmember admin message displaying "Admin Note" instead of "Admin Log" and printing [setmember] instead of [asetmember]
- /asetmember also displayed the account name incorrectly in the admin message and print message when an achievement was unlocked
- Fixed flights to the same city from different cities sharing the same virtual world

Edit - 25/08/2020:

- Re-enabled car/bike dealer vehicles respawning after each minute of inactivity

Edit - 29/08/2020:

- Fixed /checkstats showing the wrong VIP level of players other than yourself


eLg Clan's Freeroam/Roleplay | 0.3.7 - Download
eLg Clan's Freeroam/Roleplay | 0.3.DL - Not currently available


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Default Re: eLg Clan's Freeroam/Roleplay

Damn dude why?
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Default Re: eLg Clan's Freeroam/Roleplay

I've contemplated doing it for a while now. I think now is the right time while there's still time for people to learn from it and extract from it if they wish to (credit please)
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Default Re: eLg Clan's Freeroam/Roleplay

VERY NICE...................

How about the future of elg? that server still working?
everything gonna be fine.
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Default Re: eLg Clan's Freeroam/Roleplay

Good release
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Default Re: eLg Clan's Freeroam/Roleplay

As you said before, you really did it.

Nvm, Thank You for the release.
when you don't create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability.
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Default Re: eLg Clan's Freeroam/Roleplay

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Thumbs up Re: eLg Clan's Freeroam/Roleplay

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Default Re: eLg Clan's Freeroam/Roleplay

Hands down Beckzy, very nice gamemode!
Upload 0.3dl version please.
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Default Re: eLg Clan's Freeroam/Roleplay

That's awesome
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