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Default Re: PathFinder by Pamdex

Originally Posted by Crayder View Post
ColAndreas still needs optimizing honestly, just some small refactoring could make it vastly faster as codectile proved with his physics plugin. If we get that, your API, and this PathFinder update... Smart NPC's only missing AI.
Yeah, the whole project really needs a complete overhaul in design from the ground up. Which shouldn't be too hard for someone with a decent level of experience to accomplish fairly quickly. ColAndreas really isn't that overly complicated and I am sure there is some things could be vastly improved.
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Default Re: PathFinder by Pamdex

Originally Posted by pamdex View Post
I'll update this plugin - rewriting code (using C++11 standard) and adding multithreaded ColAndreas support instead of MapAndreas - but first I have to make a special version of multi-threaded ColAndreas with plugin API.

Pathfinding will be possible also under bridges or other objects without any problems.
you started rewriting it late a bit I had to learn c++ and plugin development to make your plugin on CA:
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