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Big Clucker
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Question Honest question about RP servers

So here comes the most difficult question to FAIRLY assess.

"Why is it that people seem to prefer toxic communities over communities that actually give a damn?"

I've been on numerous SAMP servers with a Low to Medium level that claim they are Heavy RP. Their owners nor their admins can RP even a shred. And when you try to RP said level you get abused by RP2Win players, because in the end you kind of RP a character that isn't superman and they do.

Seemingly most actual Heavy RP servers aren't interesting to people apparently as there's only 2 major servers at that. But still people claim they really want better RP in the med/low RP servers. What is it with that? Are people just masochists or is it that they just want to hide the fact that they like RPing in a server where people just don't REALLY RP?

And somehow the Medium/Low RP scene goes together with a high level of toxicity. And even worse, a lot of people seem to be drawn to the toxicity itsself. I've seen very toxic servers get higher playerbases than servers that aren't as bad.

Disclaimer: Alright, so some kind of thread rules in here, please don't needlessly bash roleplay servers. If you must refer to a server as an example please be as reasonable as possible in regards to bad comments about said servers. If you want to bash certain servers do it elsewhere. I hope you understand, it's to keep the toxic comments out.
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Honest question about RP servers

It's possibly because of the new influx of players joining roleplay servers, and the change of roleplay standards. Plus the roleplay scene is quite stagnant currently, as not many servers are actually thriving from what I've seen.
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Honest question about RP servers

I mean, it's the players choice really, however it annoys me that these servers that have a stupid amount of admins and owners get more players than the servers that actually try to get something out of it and actually spend time scripting.
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Honest question about RP servers

You're making an assumption that your view of "toxicity" has anything to do with playerbase growth. There are a lot of social elements that go into growing a community, and the idea of "players" is a ginormous problem in this game. If people have the conception a server will have players today, they will join, this starts a snowball that can last YEARS, then suddenly an RP server is dead. Once people think the "community is dying" they stop joining and complain on discord even though the "peeps" are still there, sitting in discord, in a purgatory of being upset about their being no players, they will refuse to join when they themselves are part of the very issue they're QQing about.

People also misconceive Roleplay in this game in my opinion. The word is used way too loosely. For example, my own community is way more focused on lore, character progression, and dynamic storyline, yet I guess we'd fit in the category of Heavy RP but what is that then? Spam /me's about handing drugs to someone? Roleplay should be about things mattering, about playing a role in a greater story that YOU yourself can influence. Can you go on the largest RP server in SAMP and do anything with any meaningful consequence? No. You can't. You can have RP sessions with people that have depth between you and them, somewhat, but a greater impact on the world? A world that is actually subject to your input and personality, or more so the personality of your character, that does not exist in pretty much the entirety of not only SAMP but other community with RP environments.

My 2 cents.
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