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Default Re: WTLS Updates

Recently, I've got some inspiration from GTA 3, where in one of the late missions you have to destroy Espresso-2-Go stalls, which are used by cartel to distribute Spank (drugs).

I've added this feature on WTLS, where you can also use stalls to sell drugs from your inventory (cocaine, weed and meth). It's basically some sort of tycoon mode.

This is stall model on 0.3.DL server:

On 0.3.7, there can't be custom object model, but it works identically:

[ENG] WTLS 2 (Singleplayer Features)
[ENG] WTLS 3 (Singleplayer Features)

- Many features from singleplayer
- Pool, basketball and Poker Texas Holdem minigames, singleplayer race and other challenges
- Video game QUB3D from GTA 4
- Roulettes, blackjack, slot machines, video poker and horse-betting
- Stock market BAWSAQ from GTA 5
- Phone with a lot of features from GTA Online
- Missions from Big Smoke, Sweet, Zero, Cesar or Woozie!
- Gang wars over 100 gang hoods
- More than 30 jobs (police, paramedic, firefighter, burglar, pimp, valet pizza-boy and more)
- Gyms, strip clubs, clothes shops, hidden packages, oysters, spray tags, horseshoes and more
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Default Re: WTLS Updates

Awesome, you're an inspiration to every coder. Your work is amazing and I never stop to get bamboozled by your work!
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Default Re: WTLS Updates

Another fine showcase. I've not dropped by your server for a year or so, but I think I'll pay it a visit!
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Default Re: WTLS Updates

What is the point of that struck car?

Nice update btw.
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Default Re: WTLS Updates

Originally Posted by coool View Post
What is the point of that struck car?

Nice update btw.
Added style points.
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