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Little Clucker
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Default Snow Plowing Vehicles / AttachObjectToVehicle

Hello guys! Today im presenting to you a simple script. Its about plowing vehicles in samp. I added snow plow to few cars:
  • Dune
  • Yosemite
  • Bobcat
  • Sadler
  • Rancher

I know this is really simple Filescript but i also know that there is people that dont know how to add simple object and attach it to vehicle. You can use it for your servers etc.

You can see how that looks in my video on youtube channel. Just click on video link below.



If you wanna to see more cars with snow plow, leave a comment here and ill make sure to add snow plow to them and to make version 2 of this vehicles, also i tried to add samp particle effects on both sides of snow plow to look even more realistic like vehicle is really plowing a snow, maybe i will add that in version 2 also. Hope you will like my video and subscribe for more stuff like this. Thank you!
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Old 05/12/2019, 01:10 AM   #2
Little Clucker
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Default Re: Snow Plowing Vehicles / AttachObjectToVehicle

This code is useless, it's very hard to implement it with gamemode and please comment your code so others can understand what sign / object is attached to what vehicle.
And start using github for such includes / projects, so you can make simple future updates.
Also attached objects must be destroyed or they will be spawned at world zero point.
Aaand filterscripts are really bad for gamemodes anyway, because it's compilcated to access filterscript data from main gamemode and so everything is better when it's built like include.
It would make total gamemode making process faster, because you can easily install and update fast with sampctl.
PHP Code:
//Vehicles plow objects ids are stored here
new aVehiclePlowObject[MAX_VEHICLES];

Attach plow object to vehicle when it has valid modelid
vehicleID = vehicle id where we want to attach object
return = returns object id so it can be deleted later
stock attachPlowToVehicle(vehicleID){
modelID GetVehicleModel(vehicleID);
//checks if model id is valid
if(modelID != 573 && modelID != 554 && modelID != 422 && modelID != 543 && modelID != 505)
//creates plow object
new objectID CreateDynamicObject(196010.00.0, -1000., -1, -1, -1300.0300.0);
//dune - off road
if(modelID == 573){
SetDynamicObjectMaterial(objectID0, -1"none""none", -10092544);
AttachDynamicObjectToVehicle(objectIDvehicleID0.0003.474, -1.09713.7990.000180.000);
//yosemite - industrial
if(modelID == 554){
SetDynamicObjectMaterial(objectID0, -1"none""none", -1);
AttachDynamicObjectToVehicle(objectIDvehicleID0.0002.844, -0.4929.7990.000180.000);
//bobcat - industrial
if(modelID == 422){
AttachDynamicObjectToVehicle(objectIDvehicleID0.0002.561, -0.5400.0000.000180.000);
//sadler - industrial
if(modelID == 543){
AttachDynamicObjectToVehicle(objectIDvehicleID, -0.0902.590, -0.3700.0000.000180.000);
//rancher lure - off road
if(modelID == 505){
AttachDynamicObjectToVehicle(objectIDvehicleID, -0.0402.886, -0.6476.8990.000180.000);

//Checks if vehicle has plow object attached and destroies it
if(aVehiclePlowObject[vehicleid] > 0){
aVehiclePlowObject[vehicleid] = 0;

new vehicleID CreateVehicle(5730.;
aVehiclePlowObject[vehicleID] = attachPlowToVehicle(vehicleID);

vehicleID CreateVehicle(5540.;
aVehiclePlowObject[vehicleID] = attachPlowToVehicle(vehicleID);

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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Snow Plowing Vehicles / AttachObjectToVehicle

Logic thank you very much! Im not good at all with scripting, i thought exported fs from texture studio would be enough for people to use it. Glad you helped also. Thanks again!
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Old 05/12/2019, 02:21 AM   #4
Pottus's Avatar
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Default Re: Snow Plowing Vehicles / AttachObjectToVehicle

The TS export code was designed to create a FS that you could just load and unload. In 5 minutes a exported script could easily be updated to be an include for a gamemode.

I would recommend that if you release a vehicle to also provide the Texture Studio map, exported vehicle fs and your own function like attachPlowToVehicle(vehicleID).

public OnVehicleDeath(vehicleid, killerid){
    //Checks if vehicle has plow object attached and destroies it
    if(aVehiclePlowObject[vehicleid] > 0){
        aVehiclePlowObject[vehicleid] = 0;
    return 1;
Why bother destroying the object? It will be re-attached once the vehicle respawns particularly if you have a lot of objects attached to a single vehicle. I could understand you might want to do that then it is a case of extending functionality. A "clean vehicle" flag? Delete any objects.
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