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Default [0.3.7] Modern Freeroam


Website :

Modern Freeroam is the reborn of the old MF server which merged with xSF by Sam_Hero back in October 2018. It has been taken back by Miko and Deadpool.

Our server gamemode we are using is xTreme Stunt Freeroam's one. We have got the official support of the ex Owner and are partnered with xSF. The main language spoken in the server is the English one, in order to be understand by many people.

We are having a lot of death-matches in order for DMers to get some fun and to make a lot of kill easily. Every deathmatches offers a new gameplay as the weapons changes. It is a very competitive place where DMers fights for the respect, the loyalty, and the honor.

We also do have a lot of other modes such as Derby, CNR and even a Player's unknown battleground script based on the game itself. It is very entertaining and the fun is guaranteed.

Here, in MF, we do have lots of place for you to discover and play. We do prefer quality over quantity, and we know how to make both of them. And that's a good advantage.

Modern Freeroam server is having mature players and a competent Staff Team, in order to take care about the hackers and to ensure to our players, a funny and family-friendly journey.

We do have a group system. Because it is very important to have groupmates, be the first & the most respected players in the server.

And many more !

How to join us ?

In order to join us, you just have to follow the step below and you will be able to join our community. There are a lot of good players and you will surely make a lot of friends.

Add MF to your favorite servers by clicking on favorites.

Then, click on Servers in top left, then "add server" and copy paste the ip :

Here we are, as simple as that, you are now able to join our wonderful community. I wish you to have fun here and to contact administrators if you need help.

Thanks for reading and we wish to see you in-game soon.

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