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Little Clucker
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Default Houses won't load

Hello, i have some problems with house system. This is not loaded in game after restart, but all infos are saved in db.
This is Load Function.
pawn Code:
forward LoadDynamicHouses();
public LoadDynamicHouses()
    new rows = cache_num_rows(),
        time = GetTickCount(),

        print("[Houses] Houses Loaded».");
        return 1;

    for(new i; i < rows; i++)
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "id", HouseInfo[i][hID]);
        cache_get_value_name_float(i, "posx", HouseInfo[i][hPosX]);
        cache_get_value_name_float(i, "posy", HouseInfo[i][hPosY]);
        cache_get_value_name_float(i, "posz", HouseInfo[i][hPosZ]);
        cache_get_value_name_float(i, "exitx", HouseInfo[i][hExitX]);
        cache_get_value_name_float(i, "exity", HouseInfo[i][hExitY]);
        cache_get_value_name_float(i, "exitz", HouseInfo[i][hExitZ]);
        cache_get_value_name(i, "ownername", HouseInfo[i][hOwner]);
        strreplace(HouseInfo[i][hOwner], "_", " ");
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "owner", HouseInfo[i][hOwnerID]);
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "locked", HouseInfo[i][hLocked]);
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "price", HouseInfo[i][hPrice]);
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "levelbuy", HouseInfo[i][hLevelbuy]);
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "cash", HouseInfo[i][hCash]);
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "exitint", HouseInfo[i][hExitInt]);
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "exitvw", HouseInfo[i][hExitVW] );
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "posint", HouseInfo[i][hPosInt] );
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "posvw", HouseInfo[i][hPosVW]);
        cache_get_value_name_float(i, "checkx", HouseInfo[i][hCheckPosX]);
        cache_get_value_name_float(i, "checky", HouseInfo[i][hCheckPosY]);
        cache_get_value_name_float(i, "checkz", HouseInfo[i][hCheckPosZ]);
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "radio", HouseInfo[i][hRadio] );
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "lock", HouseInfo[i][hLock]);
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "alarm", HouseInfo[i][hAlarm]);
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "door", HouseInfo[i][hDoor]);
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "ddoor", HouseInfo[i][hDDoor]);
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "class", HouseInfo[i][hClass]);
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "heal", HouseInfo[i][hHeal]);
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "heal_amount", HouseInfo[i][hHealAmount]);
        cache_get_value_name_int(i, "cupboard", HouseInfo[i][hCupboard]);
        cache_get_value_name_float(i, "furniture_radius", HouseInfo[i][hFurnitureRadius]);
        HouseInfo[i][hFurniture] = 0;
        HouseInfo[i][hOutsideFurniture] = 0;
        new str_inv[10];

        for(new a = 0; a < MAX_HOUSE_INVENTORY; a++)
            format(str_inv, sizeof(str_inv), "inv_%i", a+1);
            cache_get_value_name_int(i, str_inv, HouseInfo[i][hInv][a]);
            format(str_inv, sizeof(str_inv), "amount_%i", a+1);
            cache_get_value_name_int(i, str_inv, HouseInfo[i][hInvAmount][a]);


        HouseInfo[i][hCheckPoint] =
            CreateDynamicCP(HouseInfo[i][hPosX], HouseInfo[i][hPosY], HouseInfo[i][hPosZ], 1.0, HouseInfo[i][hPosVW], HouseInfo[i][hPosInt], -1, 2.0);

        //format(query, sizeof(query), "SELECT * FROM `furnitures` WHERE `houseid`='%i'", HouseInfo[i][hID]);
        //mysql_tquery(dbCon, query, "OnFurnituresLoad", "i", i);

    printf("[Houses] Case - %i. printif - %i. timp: %i ms.", rows, total, GetTickCount()-time);
    return 1;

And in OnGameModeInit i put
pawn Code:
mysql_tquery(dbCon, "SELECT *, (SELECT name FROM users WHERE id = houses.owner) as ownername, (SELECT last_login FROM users WHERE id = houses.owner) as lastlogin FROM `houses`", "LoadDynamicHouses");

Gamemode use MYSQL R41.

Can please help me?
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Houses won't load

Check Mysql Log and look if there are any errors or warnings.
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