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Big Clucker
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Default Frequent crashes in just one server. Possible fix?

I've been crashing frequently on one server, I don't have big mods I only use weapon mods, vehicle mods and sounds etc which are fine in other servers. No CLEO's except SensFix. Just crashing in one server. Does anyone know where the address 0x00754B1C points to?
SA-MP 0.3.DL-R1
Exception At Address: 0x00754B1C
Base: 0x04940000

EAX: 0x203169DB	EBX: 0x000000D8	ECX: 0x0177F400	EDX: 0xBF503FD8
ESI: 0x11200000	EDI: 0x0000B381	EBP: 0x00000004	ESP: 0x0177F494
EFLAGS: 0x00210286

+0000: 0x0177F59C   0x00000004   0x0E9EDEB8   0x0E9EDEFC
+0010: 0x007580B3   0x111FCA00   0x203133D4   0x0000C101
+0020: 0x00000004   0x0E9EDEB8   0x1D46EEFC   0x0E9EDF1C
+0030: 0x00000002   0x00000001   0x20313358   0x00000002
+0040: 0x00000FFF   0x00000008   0x0177F4FA   0x111FCA00
+0050: 0x277A923C   0x00000000   0x00000001   0x203133D4
+0060: 0x0177F4F8   0x00000000   0x000A0004   0x00000001
+0070: 0x00000002   0x000C0001   0x00050001   0x000000FF
+0080: 0x00000011   0x648688E0   0x0177F594   0x648EF876
+0090: 0x00000000   0x00000000   0x0177F574   0x06523880
+00A0: 0x01CFB800   0x00000000   0x0177F558   0x5E53DBD9
+00B0: 0x01D07000   0x0177F574   0x0177F580   0x5E53DB40
+00C0: 0x01CFB8A0   0x0177F584   0x6486AC08   0x01D07000
+00D0: 0x0177F574   0x22D1CE20   0x6486ABA0   0x6486AC41
+00E0: 0x232F9F90   0x00000000   0x00000001   0xF51CA8F0
+00F0: 0x0177F5A4   0x648EEE23   0x0177F598   0x0E9EDEB8
+0100: 0x648EEE38   0x01CFB8A0   0x0E9EDF20   0x00756D25
+0110: 0x205405B8   0x0E9EDEB8   0x00000000   0x20313358
+0120: 0x007578C0   0x044D7D40   0x205405B8   0x0E9EDEA0
+0130: 0x00000000   0x00000000   0x00000000   0x1D46EEFC
+0140: 0x00000000   0x0E9EDEC0   0x0075773B   0x205405B8
+0150: 0x22D91C9E   0x0E9EDF1C   0x0000000F   0x1D46EEE0
+0160: 0x007578C0   0x00000000   0x00000000   0x044344A4
+0170: 0x0177F694   0xFFFFFF00   0x00000001   0x3F8CCCCD
+0180: 0x3F666666   0x00805769   0x0000002F   0x00C9BC50
+0190: 0x0000002A   0x205405B8   0x007491E4   0x044344A4
+01A0: 0x205405B8   0x00000001   0x0FEFA360   0x0053439A
+01B0: 0x205405B8   0x0FEFA360   0x00000000   0x00553308
+01C0: 0x0FEFA360   0x00553C57   0x0FEFA300   0x01B688C8
+01D0: 0x0177F714   0x000026D7   0x049E4DF7   0x0053DFE2
+01E0: 0xFFFFFFFF   0x0053EAA6   0x0442A7C4   0x0053EAC4
+01F0: 0x442AC000   0x43C00000   0x0F51FC50   0x00000001
+0200: 0x0177F6DC   0x0F51B8E9   0x0177F6E8   0x01B65DC8
+0210: 0x0F578A9C   0x01B688C8   0x049A269B   0x249917E8
+0220: 0x80000000   0x00000004   0x7738FE38   0x7738F160
+0230: 0x00000000   0x0177F6A4   0x0177F6A4   0x0177F700
+0240: 0x0F573B40   0x00000001   0x0177F6F0   0x0F51FC02
+0250: 0x01B65DDC   0x00000001   0x0177F894   0x0177F70C
+0260: 0x0F51E267   0x0177F714   0x0177F894   0x0177F874
+0270: 0x0F573B58   0x00000000   0x0177F880   0x0F520246

SCM Op: 0x685, lDbg: 0 LastRendObj: 18646

Game Version: US 1.0

State Information: Ped Context: 0
P0 (0,6) P1 (0,0) P2 (19,2) P3 (0,0) 
P4 (0,0) P5 (19,3) P6 (0,0) P7 (0,0) 
P8 (0,0)
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Old 02/08/2018, 11:32 PM   #2
Big Clucker
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Default Re: Frequent crashes in just one server. Possible fix?

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Old 03/08/2018, 10:18 AM   #3
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Default Re: Frequent crashes in just one server. Possible fix?

Seems to be an invalid attached object on a vehicle or something that related with attached object on a vehicle.
It probably come from this specify server.
actor_plus - v5.0.2
I'm a goner, somebody catch my breath,
I'm a goner, somebody catch my breath
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