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Big Clucker
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Default Spawn vehicle per player


I wanna spawn vehicle per player and make it player vehicle, now making it player vehicle isnt a big deal, but I cant seem to get vehicles to spawn equal to players in the server. How do I do that?
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Default Re: Spawn vehicle per player

pawn Code:
new PlayerVehicle[MAX_PLAYERS];

public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)
    PlayerVehicle[playerid] = CreateVehicle//...etc
    return 1;

public OnPlayerDisconnect(playerid)
    PlayerVehicle[playerid] = 0;
    return 1;
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Spawn vehicle per player

PHP Code:
new PlayerCars[MAX_PLAYERS]; // here is car id
new PlayerCarsOwner[MAX_VEHICLES][20]; // here is car owner
new PlayerCarsDB[MAX_VEHICLES]; // here is car owner id

go to public OnPlayerLogin(playerid) or public OnPlayerSpawn(playerid)
PlayerCars[playerid] == 0) {
Float:X,Float:Y,Float:Z,Float:angle 0.0,color1,color2,name[20];
color1 random(256); //car color 1
color2 random(256);// car color 2
model 411//infernus
GetPlayerPos(playeridX,Y,Z); //your pos
new carid PlayerCars[playerid] = CreateVehicle(modelX,Y,Zangle,  color1,color2,-1); //create vehicle at pos
GetPlayerName(playeridnamesizeof(name)); //get your name
format(PlayerCarsOwner[carid],20,"%s",name); //format car owner
PlayerCarsDB[carid] = playerid//car owner id

OnPlayerStateChange(playeridnewstateoldstate// here you enter in vehicle
GetPlayerState(playerid) == PLAYER_STATE_DRIVER) { // if you driver
new carid GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid); //getvehicleid
if(PlayerCarsDB[carid] != 0) { // if vehicle is owned
new string[128];
format(string,sizeof(string),"This vehicle is owned by %s",PlayerCarsOwner[carid]); //format message
SendClientMessage(playerid,-1,string); // send message
if(PlayerCarsDB[carid] != playeridRemovePlayerFromVehicle(playerid); // if owner is not you, you out vehicle

OnPlayerDisconnect(playeridreason) { // here out the server
if(PlayerCars[playerid] != 0) { // if you have vehicle
new carid PlayerCars[playerid]; //get vehicle id
DestroyVehicle(carid); //destroy
PlayersCarsOwner[carid] = (EOS); //empty vehicle name
PlayerCarsDB[carid] = 0//reset vehicel owner id
PlayerCars[playerid] = 0// reset your car id

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