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Big Clucker
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Default Notepad++ PAWN API [0.3.8 RC4]

Slice made this tutorial a while ago and I was just done with using the PAWN.xml he offered. It was for SAMP 0.3x, and so I dedicated my time to update it for 0.3z (plus the revisions) and 0.3.7 (R1 and R2). It is currently at 4001 lines of code. Credits go to Slice for the original. This file is licensed under the MIT license, which means you may edit or redistribute it as long as credits are given to the original licenser. Feel free to give mirrors although we have like 6, lol. +rep would be appreciated as its my first time doing any sort of XML edit.


Download the file and place it in your Notepad++\plugins\APIs folder. Restart your PC.


PASTEBIN (0.3.8 RC4)

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Default Re: Notepad++ PAWN API [0.3.7 R2]

Thanks a lot !
EDIT: That's wierd but it doesn't work for me, i'm trying to compare with the old one to see what's causing that

EDIT2: So the GetVehicleParamsCarWindows is missing a closing </KeyWord> (pastebin version at least)

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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Notepad++ PAWN API [0.3.7 R2]

Thats true, I will upload it so that its fixed and then I'll add a version updated for 0.3.8 RC4.

EDIT: I have fixed that and updated the API so that its compatible with 0.3.8 RC4.

If I helped you at all today I'd appreciate a +rep.
I'm not rep hungry or anything.
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Default Re: Notepad++ PAWN API [0.3.7 R2]

Great work, glad to see someone finally went through the effort to finally update the Notepad++ to the newest version. Even though I usually use Sublime/Atom as my main IDE; some days I feel like being "back in the day" & use Notepad++

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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Notepad++ PAWN API [0.3.7 R2]

This is going to be so useful. Thankyou! +Repped
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