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Default Custom skin - No collision+Desync

I have been playing around with 0.3.DL and I've imported some custom skins.
Skins load and download perfectly, no errors, no warnings.
The problem happens when another player joins and another custom skin applies to him. He can pass thru me, even I see it on my screen as just bug-jumping me. He can see my skin, but it's just empty space collision-wise. I can't pass thru him (didn't test if it is because of my skin or my sync) and we both can't pass thru objects so it's just skin to skin collision.

Another problem is shooting desync. When that player or any other uses a Sniper Rifle (may be some other weapons too, but not tested out) he shoots at me but I see him just aiming (no gunshot, no any action). When I shoot him with sniper rifle or any other weapon it's working perfectly for me and for him.

I have never encountered similiar problems in my lifetime of SA:MP development and I really wouldn't know what the problem is since I don't think it's script-side or client-side.

My gamemode is a type of GM where I must use custom skins so going back to 0.3.7 or disabling artwork wouldn't be an option.

I would appriciate some help.
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