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Old 11/09/2018, 06:20 PM   #111
Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Screenshots & Videos

@Kalcor bro any updates?

And can i pm you ? i want to ask something.
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Screenshots & Videos

Of course you can PM him and you'll get answer never.
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Old 11/09/2018, 07:30 PM   #113
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Default Re: Screenshots & Videos

So I wanted to say a few things after reading your replies in this thread. I had a think about how to word my thoughts for a while, so here goes.

I'm glad that you're finally communicating with people, because the absence of that leads to speculation, trolls and people just behaving shitty. What bothered me the most is that it feels like we can't have an intelligent discussion between people with different opinions, without suffering repercussions. Yes, there will always be trolls that just try to stir things up for the sake of it, but I'm not defending those. I'm defending the people that try to have a discussion because they want to help improve this mod. Yes, not all ideas are reasonable, but that's what discussion is for. And I get that you can't reply to everyone, but that's the reason why most organisations or projects have a hierarchical structure, so that the project leader doesn't have to deal with the huge amount of ideas and requests.

I get that you don't play the game anymore and that's fine. Over the years I've played less and less. However, my interest in the programming side has increased and increased. This has happened to a lot of people in this community and isn't necessarily a bad thing. For me it is one of the signs that people mature and that other things about this mod interests them. To give an example, I just have to look at myself. I got into this mod the way most people did. When I was young, I played the single player game and I wanted to see if there was any multiplayer functionality for it. And guess what, I came across this mod and started playing pretty much nothing but this game. After long playing sessions, I wanted to know how this 'server' thing worked and got into reading tutorials on how to create one. After a while, I got my first server up and running. This was not only my first introduction to server scripting, but my first introduction to programming, period. And look at me now, I'm a professional programmer. I owe this mod (AND YOU!) my career choices and oh boy am I grateful for that, because I probably would've never gotten into programming without it. I am very sure that lots of people in this community have a similar story. Yeah I'm just a nobody, on the other side of an internet connection and you don't owe me anything. But I'm a part of this community and have been for years and I am proud of that.

Yeah, the game is getting old and so are all of us and I get why there is less motivation to develop the mod. However, there are other people that are still very motivated to do so. Just looking at the amount of great GitHub repositories: the community compiler, YSF, streamer and FCNPC plugins, just to name a few. Or the 'unofficial official discord' has tons of posts in it every day. This shows that there are a lot of people still very motivated, not only from a programming point of view, but because many of us just love the memories and the game. Many projects are kept alive, because of the people that are still interested in it, after all those years. I love watching videos of old retro machines from the '80s and the people that restore them or even develop new games for it. That only happens because there are still people that are willing to keep that part of history alive. I don't see this mod or the people involved as anything different. ****** said it perfectly and I share his point of view. There are respected members of this forum that are capable to take over part of the job. I'm not talking about making it open source. But if we just could contact a selected few, that are appointed to fix bugs or handle feature requests, that would be great. There's a list of little things that are easy to fix, but way to much to let one person do this. I get it, but you don't have to take the huge task of managing a community on yourself. People want to help, so please let them.

You mentioned that the SA-MP forum is not the mod SA-MP, but just a part of it and I agree. However, I see the forums as some sort of archive that documents the progress of this wonderful mod through the years that it has existed. Sometimes I just come across older threads and I just smile at the how this mod and the people involved have changed. It's nice to look back at how it once was to see how much has changed and improved. The Screenshots & Videos forum was one of the subforums I visited regulary to see people's creative side and what they are able to create with the limitations this mod provides. I was frequently impressed at what people came up with and were able to show off. When you deleted this 'archive' and the memories that came with it, I felt (I can't find a better word for it) disgusted. Even though I don't agree with it, I understand your reasons for blocking certain sites and that's your choice so I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise. But deleting all these memories felt like removing that part of the history of this mod and all the memories that came with it. I don't want to boast about myself, but I invite you to watch the following video (https://www.*******.com/watch?v=zU3U1rLJsoQ) as an example. It shows my creative side and what I'm able to do with limited resources. There are lots of people like me in that subforum with amazing projects. Now we have no easy way of showing of those things. Yes I now it's on utube and that's not on purpose. I would've shown you the related thread instead, but I can't now, since it has been deleted.

It took me a while to write this and I know this post is a wall of text and will take some time to read. But please understand that this is not a critique to ridicule you in any way. I mean this to be part of an intelligent discussion. I just want the best for this mod, that's all.
Always keep in mind that a lot of people are active on this forum in their spare time.
They are sacrificing time they could easily spend on things they would rather do, to help you instead.

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Default Re: Screenshots & Videos

Kalcor, no one expected you to want to run this forever, and it’s been pretty obvious for quite a while now that it has gotten old to you and you have moved on for the most part - and that’s fine. It is such a long time to stick to a project where a lot of the community are young kids with potty mouths who haven’t yet learned gratitude, and you have done well to put up with that for so long.

But I hope the replies to your post have shown you that there are a whole bunch of us who are STILL here because we want to be here. Because we enjoy the game, we see its potential, and we still want to be involved. There are so many of us who have been around for so long and have proven that we’re good and trustworthy people, and we’d be absolutely honoured to be able to contribute in some way. Obviously not all of us are programmers or server owners, but if you ever need help with anything else you know where to find me. More forum mods would be great as I get a lot of messages from people waiting for their accounts to be approved here and the person who is in charge of doing it doesn’t do it very often, nor seem to want to. Again, you know where to find me if you’d like some extra hands on deck.

I’m so hhappy to see ****** back on the team. I cannot wait for what’s to come. Thanks for taking this step

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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Screenshots & Videos

Originally Posted by Kalcor View Post
SA-MP was started in 2005. I'm too old to play SA-MP now. I don't want to be playing games on servers where everyone is younger than me. I keep this site online since people still want to play. The mod could be developed further but I have to rely on feedback from English server owners, and those servers aren't being developed as much anymore. GTA:SA is getting old.

SA-MP is on the home stretch. Everyone knows it.
Well, generally this might be right, but... I assume we have the 2nd-3rd largest english community on our two english servers, our player base has been growing ever since 2008, and it still continues growing nowadays. I keep developing the gamemode all the time, we have some updates nearly every day.

But to be honest, doing regular updates is worthless, if nobody knows about it. That's why I believe, utube plays significant role in letting players know, what's new. I agree that utube is not perfect, I myself have struggled with censorship, but I assume we have to take what we get, since there is no better alternative. And putting the negative part aside, utube has brought many new players into SA-MP. We have always been actively cooperating with utubers, some of them even have over 200k subscribers, who regularly make videos from our servers and by that, they're promoting SA-MP as well. A lot of players wouldn't know about SA-MP, if they didn't watch these videos. I have some stats from my servers and I may say it's thousands of players.

I think Videos & Screenshots were essential part of these forums as well. Since many players might have been coming here to check what's new and some features could hook them into playing. Where are they supposed to find the videos or screenshots otherwise? To my knowledge, there is no such a place now. Therefore I'm affraid this might indirectly contribute to SA-MP losing more players.
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Screenshots & Videos

Don’t let this community die. Make someone responsible for development and invest in marketing to get new people attracted to SA-MP. A new business model may increase revenue overtime and will keep this dedicated community alive.
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Default Re: Screenshots & Videos

Originally Posted by -Shifty- View Post
Don’t let this community die. Make someone responsible for development and invest in marketing to get new people attracted to SA-MP. A new business model may increase revenue overtime and will keep this dedicated community alive.
“Invest in marketing” are you serious? This is an old game.Most gamers played it.No one is coming back to play it again.SAMP is left with us who still play.I play fortnite and samp but most gamers wont come back to samp due to them being used to play in good graphics games such as fortnite,pubg etc.

Investing in marketing will be a waste of resources.The only ppl who can make a difference is us by bringing English community back.SAMP is overrun by Russians,Romans,Spanish communities.Thats also why most of people are leaving samp due to having 0 understanding with other players/servers languages.
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Old 12/09/2018, 03:42 AM   #118
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Default Re: Screenshots & Videos

I honestly strongly disagree with Kalcor's statements about this forum not being a big part of SA-MP and that having a lot of posts here doesn't mean you've contributed anything to SA-MP.

This was the main place that SA-MP community members "hung out" outside of their server forums/IRC channels etc., the main place where it didn't matter which server you were a part of because we were all a part of SA-MP and came together because of it, and we all got to know each other here.

When it became apparent that the people in charge of the forum couldn't care less about it (a few years ago now) and let it turn to poop by letting spammers ruin it, slacking on moderation, and just making it an overall crappy place for everyone other than scripters, the English community no longer wanted to spend their time here, and most of us veterans just fizzled out of SA-MP as a whole because of it.

It's only been recently that the old players have started to come back together again in hopes of teaming up to breathe some life back into SA-MP and hang out again, because we still see potential in it. Unfortunately we have to rely on other means of communication as this forum isn't built for that anymore.

What this forum needed was proper community sections for us to discuss whatever we wanted (within reason), not just one section named "Everything & Nothing" where the content was highly moderated but the users weren't. You could hardly make threads for casual conversations without them being deleted, and the ones that did stay would just get ruined by the idiots who never learned that it wasn't ok to post stupid responses and flame each other, because they were rarely reprimanded for it.

The forum needed moderators who cared and who weren't just doing it because they were obligated to because their names were blue - it needed mods who were a part of the community, who knew the forum and its users back to front, and who genuinely wanted to be here and help make this a better place.

I don't think it's too late for that, Kalcor already knows that there are tonnes of trustworthy people willing to help with that, I personally have made it clear that I'm available for help and would love to do so, but it just depends what the goal of the forum is I suppose. If it's supposed to simply be a place for scripters and server owners to help and be helped, then the direction it's going in is fine. But if it's supposed to be a community forum, and Kalcor is willing to hear us out, then some changes need to be made.

Why not try it our way? Why not let us be more involved, let us help make this place a community forum again, and let us help rebuild what we are hanging onto because we aren't ready to let it go yet? If it doesn't work then we lost nothing by trying, and you can simply revert it back to a scripting forum.

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Old 12/09/2018, 07:58 AM   #119
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Default Re: Screenshots & Videos

It's nice to see that this thread is actually turning into a proper discussion at this point. In my humble opinion, if this forum is indeed meant to be a scripter/server owner type of forum, then I guess the way we're going on here is kinda okay? Even though I feel bad for the Screenshots & Videos section disappearing, I do believe Kalcor makes decisions based on, what he believes, is in this forum's best interest.

This forum and its members have been the biggest help when I just started out here as a complete newbie to scripting and programming in general. Because of the help I also made the step to real programming, and even managed to (almost, in a few months) complete a gamedev study and work for a small indie game studio. I can be sure when I say that SA-MP has been a major, major drive in this. So thanks Kalcor, and everyone else here
I might be a nobody here since I never really had a (big)server open for the public filled with players or haven't had any important releases, but I've been doing SA-MP related things ever since I started doing it. I would be really sad if this iconic mod and its community would fade away..

Just my two cents. Whatever the outcome of this situation might be, I'm crossing my fingers for it to be a positive one.
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Default Re: Screenshots & Videos

So, can we expect any update?
Version 0.3.8 was being the best update of all time, it would be wonderful to continue
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