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Spray SA-MP SetDynamicObjectMaterial

Image :,CnrjcST
Object ID : 3851 don't blow .. On San Fierro Wang car has destroy .. but CreateDynamicObject doesn't destroy xD
	SetDynamicObjectMaterial(tmpobjid, 1, 16322, "a51_stores", "metpat64chev_128", 0);
	SetDynamicObjectMaterial(tmpobjid, 2, 16322, "a51_stores", "metpat64chev_128", 0);
	SetDynamicObjectMaterial(tmpobjid, 3, 16322, "a51_stores", "metpat64chev_128", 0);
	SetDynamicObjectMaterial(tmpobjid, 4, 16322, "a51_stores", "metpat64chev_128", 0);
       CreateDynamicObject(3851, 187.91701, 2501.27808, 20.87000,   0.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000);
Sorry for bad english .
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Default Re: SA-MP SetDynamicObjectMaterial

If you set the material to something with an explosion / blow-on-collision flag it won't be transfered. The only thing the material / texture changes is the look.

Bob is wearing a green shirt that looks like a bullet-proof vest. When he gets shot in the stomatch, the shirt doesn't do anything because it's merely a work of art and not the real product. This is very much alike, and basically is the same concept.

Additionally, dynamic objects are not a default part of SA:MP.

That being noted, you should refer directly to the streamer plug-in topic when reporting bugs with the plug-in / dynamic object functions.

P.S: This isn't (as explained above) a bug.
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