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Default Re: Gamemode SDK for C/C++ (GDK)

Doing the change Wopss wrote is okay, here's the commit that introduced this.

However I'd suggest you incorporate the source of the MySQL plugin R40 or higher directly into your C++ gamemode. I've redesigned the internal API with the potential usage in a sampgdk gamemode back in my mind. Creating a connection, sending a query and processing the result is as easy as this:
CError<CHandle> handle_error;
Handle_t handle = CHandleManager::Get()->Create(
	"localhost", "root", "pass", "database",
	options, handle_error);

if (handle_error)
	// some error happened
	return 0;

Query_t query = CQuery::Create("SELECT * FROM stuff");
query->OnExecutionFinished([callback](ResultSet_t resultset)
	Result_t result = resultset->GetActiveResult();
	std::string stuff;
	result->GetRowDataByName(0, "fieldname", stuff);
	printf("stuff is %s\n", stuff.c_str());
handle->Execute(CHandle::ExecutionType::PARALLEL, query);
You basically just have to copy over (almost) all plugin source files into your project and link it with the MySQL C connector library. Oh, and your compiler should be C++11-compliant.
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