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Little Clucker
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Default help with invalid subscript

error 028: invalid subscript (not an array or too many subscripts): "HouseInfo"

HouseInfo[myhouseid][Houseid] = myhouseid; HouseInfo[myhouseid][Owned] = 0; strmid(HouseInfo[myhouseid][Owner], "NULL", 0, strlen("NULL"), 255);
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: help with invalid subscript

HouseInfo is the name of enumator, that's why you are getting an error, ex below:

#define MAX_HOUSES		( 1000 )
enum HouseInfo {
new hInfo[ MAX_HOUSES ] [ HouseInfo ];

HouseInfo[ myhouseid ] [ Houseid ] = myhouseid; // < returns error, because HouseInfo is the name of enumator
hInfo[ myhouseid ] [ Houseid ] = myhouseid; // < this would work because hInfo is the array that defines HouseInfo
I'm bad at explaining, however I hope you can understand what I mean..
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