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Default not sure what this is

ok this guy that I've never heard of before joins my server and gets banned, I straight away believe he's cheating because the AC says he has a tec and there's no tecs on my server.
He then also says
When i died i saw a CJ bot like in single player who was shothing me, i killed him and he droped uzi with 30 bullets and some buck's, when i picked up those things i got banned...
and this is the screen shot he had

as you can see the CJ has no name tag and the kill isn't in the kill list, but the AC does show he picked up the tec and picked up $19.

Then a known member posts saying he's seen something like it

Erm, actually as Kayla said, same thing happend to me. Two CJ bots driving a car appeared on that Mountain Fortress map on the spawnpoint and started shooting me with Colt45's, weapon there is not possible to buy in-game. I killed both but, I didnt pick the weapons or w/e. and I didnt take the picture of the CJ's, cuz I started talkin' to Tyree and they disappeared, but I got the SS of the car tho. Its really wierd, but I cant say he's lieing cuz it happend to me.

Edit: And about the mods shit, I aint got any. Not weapon mods, skin mods, car mods. My gta is totally clean.
and here's the screen shot he had

That place there is completely mapped and not near any roads, also there is no vehicles in my server at all.

also in my server.cfg I have maxnpc 0
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