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Old 05/11/2019, 12:34 AM   #841
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Honestly, a horrible decision to remove support for custom skins. It's been one of the greatest additions to SAMP and has allowed for servers to flourish.

I can't believe this might happen

Look at what allowing custom skins has made possible

A medieval server with proper skins and features is a real possibility yet we'd rather throw it away due to laziness

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Old 05/11/2019, 12:43 AM   #842
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

I totally agree with JozSA as you said you don't want to work anymore and you officially give up do it sure (I don't want you to but it's pointless trying to stop you). The solution is simple, cancel 0.3.9 and leave SAMP as it is if you feel like it's too late to work sure don't do it. But removing 0.3DL is a ridiculous decision, it'll kill biggest roleplay servers SAMP has at the moment which run on 0.3DL and efforts by modders / developers will be just wasted. This way you're wasting your time developing 0.3.9 and wasting the other developers and servers owners time too in downgrading their already well-running servers. People have spent hours on working on skins and developing the server like LSRP / RCRP / non-english advanced servers, what you expect them to do after you remove custom models? Spend time on downgrade the server, players will just leave by then bryh. Try to understand, if you have gone through the thread you know what the community wants. All of them want 0.3.DL to stay because it has very good roleplay servers on it. If you really want to work on SAMP's new version just try to merge 0.3.DL and 0.3.7 that'd be more than enough really, call it the last update if you want.

The old times were great when you, ****** and other great testers worked together to make SAMP what it is today but now it's just going downside, reunite with them if you think merging gonna take so much of efforts and time please. (I barely login on samp forums because my country is banned so I don't know whats going on these days but this is clearly a bad decision:/)

As an English server player I know that players enjoy LSRP/RCRP so much that they were gonna spend their own IRL money on advertising the server with the help of big YouTubers so yeah please don't remove models or anything, let it be like it is if you can't work further because roleplay servers will just lose a lot players.
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Old 05/11/2019, 12:47 AM   #843
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

this is a joke?
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Old 05/11/2019, 12:54 AM   #844
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

I am sure this is an out-of-season April Fools' joke.
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Old 05/11/2019, 01:03 AM   #845
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

Originally Posted by IllidanS4 View Post
I am sure this is an out-of-season April Fools' joke.
I hope it's a joke too.
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

Will we see an open source SA-MP anytime soon? It's pretty clear you don't enjoy working on it anymore.
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Old 05/11/2019, 01:39 AM   #847
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

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Old 05/11/2019, 01:46 AM   #848
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

I think that the 89 posts since Kalcor's statement have more or less made the community picture clear. It's true that a great many of those posting here now may not have been on the forum contributing here specifically until now — even I am guilty of that — but we do exist, and we would prefer to see it stay.
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Old 05/11/2019, 02:25 AM   #849
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

One of the things I think should be an upgrade on this old client ...

SA: MP Client Update for the 21st Century

1. New design on the client, allowing new functions totally necessary for the time we are:
- IsPlayerGlobalID (playerid) - Allows client-created accounts to get a unique ID so server owners can create banning systems by preventing the player from switching IP, creating fake accounts and hampering in-game gameplay, it also helps to further enhance the opportunity for server owners to set a client level for the player to access the server should the banned user create another account to cheat again.

- Player Profile on Client - This will allow you to see that client's punishment history on other servers (if the server makes an ID ban), if unbanning information will be removed from the history. You will also be able to see the list of interests, preferred servers, which the client himself will be able to tag on his profile, will also allow other clients to follow that profile, release a timeline area, such as the profiles a player follows, will appear. in the timeline as an example: "wearLy has marked as a favorite server". (as if it were a social network).

- Client server profile - As we see today in software around the world, such as Steam, we could at SA: MP have an opportunity as soon as players click on a server, open a tab or pop -up by giving server information like latest updates, with images, nick of online players on server, players following that server, we could post updates and appear on the timeline of those who follow, we could push to a proper player area (example: We created an image and boosted it for players in Brazil), in the timeline it appears sponsored, of course, this will be paid to SA-MP ...

To my mind, such a sophisticated update would, in fact, bring a major evolution to SA-MP.
I can not put 100% what I think could be done, I think with values ​​that can be donated or values ​​paid by HOSTED-TAB. SA-MP has a chance to live it, and yes, that would make it over sooner. But we depend on the other people in this community. I just wrote 30% of what I think about the customer, I don't want to make it bigger than I did, it's just an idea. And this idea is just for the client upgrade, which would be a GIANT step.

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Old 05/11/2019, 02:30 AM   #850
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

How hard is it to make the download option be available in the next version? DL update is all we had since 2015.
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