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Default SA-MP 0.3c RC client/server (Now released)

SA-MP 0.3c RC

Update: SA-MP 0.3c is now released. This is thread will be archived.

SA-MP 0.3c is mainly a feature update. Bugs will be fixed throughout the RC, so they can be reported. Higher priority will be given to bugs in any of the new features.


SA-MP 0.3c RC is now in feature lockdown. Only critical bugs will be fixed.

0.3c RC7 client/server update

- Fixed problems with "car parking" other players and also problems exiting a moving vehicle.
- The samp.img/.ide/custom.img files etc. have been moved from the \models folder in to the \SAMP folder. The old img files will be removed when you install RC7, or when you uninstall any previous RC.
- Some additional netcode security updates have been added.

0.3c RC6 client/server update

- Fixed a syncing problem when players were surfing moving 'player' objects.
- More improvements to the vehicle and object surfing.
- Fixed a rendering problem while inside the LS Office floors building.
- Some other minor crash fixes.

0.3c RC5 client/server update

- Improved player sync on moving objects (object surfing). This works only on global objects, not player objects.
- Added support for the "Test" button in Jernej's Map Editor.
- Includes many new objects including a virtual map of San Andreas and each city.
- A texture filtering problem on the samp.img models has been fixed.
- The LS office floors building fix (collision etc) is now applied to San Andreas by default - no need for the external object.

0.3c RC4-2-2 very minor client update

- This fixes some missing models in the samp.img like the '?' NoModelFile. The actual client is exactly the same as RC4-2.

0.3c RC4-2 optional client update

- You can now driveby as a passenger with any bullet-type weapon. This will only work for RC4-2 clients.
- SetPlayerArmedWeapon now works when the player is in a vehicle.

0.3c RC4 client/server update

- The server is now slot unlimited (500 players)
- RC4 includes the latest version of the samp.img models.
- Changes to ShowPlayerDialog: If button2 is a 0 length string, only 1 button will be displayed.

0.3c RC3-3 optional client update

- Fix for deleting MAPICON_LOCAL_CHECKPOINT map icons.
- Changed the colour of the default checkpoint marker back to red.
- Vehicle model loading changes have been reverted since it's causing some rendering problems.
- Attemping to fix colour embedding in unicode strings again.

0.3c RC3 client/server update

- The SA-MP weapon font is now loaded from the SA folder. This should fix the problem with missing death icons.
- Fixed a problem using menus in vehicles with the engine off.
- Fixed objects disappearing when underground.
- Some further tweaks to the vehicle model loading.

SetPlayerMapIcon now has a 'style' parameter:

pawn Code:
#define MAPICON_LOCAL             0 // displays in the player's local area
#define MAPICON_GLOBAL            1 // displays always
#define MAPICON_LOCAL_CHECKPOINT  2 // displays in the player's local area and has a checkpoint marker
#define MAPICON_GLOBAL_CHECKPOINT 3 // displays always and has a checkpoint marker

native SetPlayerMapIcon(playerid, iconid, Float:x, Float:y, Float:z, markertype, color, style = MAPICON_LOCAL);

The style allows you to set whether the radar icon is always shown, no matter where the player is on the map. You can also set the style to include a small checkpoint marker. This checkpoint marker is for display only and won't trigger OnPlayerEnterCheckpoint. If the markertype is 0 (normal square marker) the 'color' parameter can now be an RGBA colour.

0.3c RC2-2 optional client update

- Based on feedback, the vehicle engine control has been modified slightly. You can still steer the vehicle with the engine off. The tail lights won't come on when the engine is off.
- Increased the number of preloaded vehicle models which will improve the vehicle model loading lag for servers that use more than 100 vehicle models.
- Attempts to fix a startup crash right after the loading screen.

0.3c RC2 client/server update

- This release attempts to fix some of the issues with text colour embedding, like misaligned colours and interferring with character encoding. If there are still problems, please report them.
- The server is now 50 slot.
- The 0.3c RC server list is now online.
- We are monitoring client crash reports so please do report them in the crash window or paste the report in this forum section.

0.3c RC1-2 client update

- Fixes a crash with player attached objects if you are using the GTA SA EU version.

SA-MP 0.3c RC1 release information is below

Important changes needed to make 0.3b scripts work with 0.3c

The functions SetPlayerHoldingObject, IsPlayerHoldingObject and StopPlayerHoldingObject have been removed. These functions were limited in the fact that they could only attach 1 object to each player. New functions have been added which allow you to attach up to 5 objects to each player.

pawn Code:
#define MAX_PLAYER_ATTACHED_OBJECTS 5 // This is the number of attached indexes available ie 5 = 0-4

native SetPlayerAttachedObject(playerid, index, modelid, bone, Float:fOffsetX = 0.0, Float:fOffsetY = 0.0, Float:fOffsetZ = 0.0, Float:fRotX = 0.0, Float:fRotY = 0.0, Float:fRotZ = 0.0, Float:fScaleX = 1.0, Float:fScaleY = 1.0, Float:fScaleZ = 1.0);
native RemovePlayerAttachedObject(playerid, index);
native IsPlayerAttachedObjectSlotUsed(playerid, index);

If you have a lot of script bound to SetPlayerHoldingObject, these defines below might be useful. You can add them to the top of your pwn file after is included. These will use player attached object slot number 4.

pawn Code:
#define SetPlayerHoldingObject(%1,%2,%3,%4,%5,%6,%7,%8,%9) SetPlayerAttachedObject(%1,MAX_PLAYER_ATTACHED_OBJECTS-1,%2,%3,%4,%5,%6,%7,%8,%9)
#define StopPlayerHoldingObject(%1) RemovePlayerAttachedObject(%1,MAX_PLAYER_ATTACHED_OBJECTS-1)
#define IsPlayerHoldingObject(%1) IsPlayerAttachedObjectSlotUsed(%1,MAX_PLAYER_ATTACHED_OBJECTS-1)

Colour embedding:

You can use {RRGGBB} (hex) strings embedded in text to change the text colour. This works in the chat window, in dialogs, in 3D text labels, and in numberplates. Colour codes are automatically filtered with () in player chat text. The only exception to the colour code filtering is input dialog response text.

The return of SetVehicleNumberplate()

While the function name is the same, it works differently. All cars now have a generic numberplate "XYZR 000". The numberplate will only change if SetVehicleNumberPlate() is used. The string limit for a numberplate is 32 characters, which gives you enough space for an 8 character numberplate plus some additional room for colour codes. Please use this function with care and don't go assigning custom numberplates to vehicles that don't have plates (like planes/boats etc), as this would result in unneeded processing time on the client.


New extended parameters for vehicles that allow you to change the state of the
vehicle engine, lights, alarm, doors locked, bonnet open/closed, boot open/closed, objective status.
These don't have to be set for each player anymore like SetVehicleParamsForPlayer(). They're
automatically replicated to all players.

pawn Code:

native SetVehicleParamsEx(vehicleid, engine, lights, alarm, doors, bonnet, boot, objective);
native GetVehicleParamsEx(vehicleid, &engine, &lights, &alarm, &doors, &bonnet, &boot, &objective);


pawn Code:
new engine,lights,alarm,doors,bonnet,boot,objective;

    if(strcmp(cmd, "/startengine",true) == 0) {
        new vid = GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid);
        if(vid != INVALID_VEHICLE_ID) {
        return 1;
    if(strcmp(cmd, "/stopengine",true) == 0) {
        new vid = GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid);
        if(vid != INVALID_VEHICLE_ID) {
        return 1;

You can also write wrapper functions around this function e.g.

pawn Code:
        new engine,lights,alarm,doors,bonnet,boot,objective;


ManualVehicleEngineAndLights() can be used in OnGameModeInit(), or somewhere before players connect. It will instruct all clients that the server controls both the vehicle engines and the lights. That means the engine will not automatically start when the player enters the vehicle and the lights will not automatically come on at night. This is useful for role playing servers where the player might manually have to start/stop the engine. The behaviour of SetVehicleParamEx with manual engine/lights control is different depending on whether manual (server) engine and lights control is enabled.


Hopefully this one is self-explanatory.

New objects, particle objects, samp.img, samp.ide

There are a lot of things that need to be documented regarding this. Some useful information should appear on the SA-MP wiki within the next few weeks. To give a brief overview, thanks to the SA-MP beta team, SA-MP now includes hundreds of new objects, including particle objects. These objects use model/object IDs that are not normally available in San Andreas. A full list of IDs can be found in your GTA SA folder under models\samp.ide after you install any version of SA-MP 0.3c.

0.3c files

SA-MP 0.3c is now released. Files are on the official download page.

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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3c RC client/server (RC1)

once average now terrible
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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3c RC client/server (RC1)

Originally Posted by [FU]Victious View Post
That simply sums up what I was going to say.

Thanks, I'll really enjoy scripting.
Originally Posted by DeWolf View Post
For fuck's sake people, this whole thread is fucked up now.
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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3c RC client/server (RC1)

Please, do no message me anymore, i'm no longer part of sa-mp scene.

I will not reply to private messages.
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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3c RC client/server (RC1)

Nice! Testing the bugs on my topic.

EDIT: All the bugs are still there.

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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3c RC client/server (RC1)

Nice! lol jernej xD
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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3c RC client/server (RC1)


Music Producer

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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3c RC client/server (RC1)

EDIT: Nvm fixed,

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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3c RC client/server (RC1)

This made my day/week/month/year
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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3c RC client/server (RC1)

It's cool
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