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Default Most often reasons why server can crash?

Could someone say most often reasons why server could crash, because right now my script can run 3 days w/o crash and than just crash each 5 mins.

Also maybe someone know reasons why script could crash, I mean like no cmds works and everyone have chat as in DM server with player color, just to admit its RP server.

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Default Re: Most often reasons why server can crash?

1) A crash occurs inside of a plugin because you have not used the PAWN includes/natives appropriately
2) Someone finds an exploit in your script that they can use to bug out your script
3) Your server crashes/segfaults and loads another gamemode
4) You've compiled your gamemode with a faulty include or multiple faulty includes
5) I'm about to go on break at college so I'll edit this when I get back...
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Default Re: Most often reasons why server can crash?

bad streamer of objects
plugin inadequad for windows
cars more of limit

and outhers.
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