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Default Run Time Error 17 - Can't figure out why...

When ever I start the Server on my Local Host, it works perfect.
Loads and everything,
But whenever I upload it to the Hosting website,
I the gamemode says "Unknown" and the server log says;
Run time error 17: "Invalid/unsupported P-code file format".

I have the Plugins all correct,
It was working fine up until a few hours ago.
I'm not sure why it suddenly gave me this run-time error.

Keep it mind, it WORKS on my Local host, and I have all the Plugins uploaded correctly(1 plugin, correct version.)
I've Re-Complied the script, and re-uploaded it, then restarted the server but it still did not work.
I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me with this as I'm stumped.
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Default Re: Run Time Error 17 - Can't figure out why...

If you have FTP access, try re-uploading the AMX in binary mode.
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