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Question Is this kind of reading possible?

Text in Ban.ini liinor lol
pawn Code:
new ConnIP[50];
new server_IP[50];
    format(server_IP, 50, "%d",ConnIP);
    new banreason[256];
    new string2[64]; // Create the string to store the read text in

    new lol[100];
    new named[100];
    new fileip[100];

    new File:example = fopen("Bans.Ini", io_read); // Open the file
    while(fread(example, string2)) //reads the file line-by-line
    format(string2, sizeof(string2), "%d %s %d",fileip,named,banreason);

    if(strcmp(string2, ConnIP, true) == 0) //if any of the lines in the file say "Ban" the system will ban the player

    format(lol,sizeof(lol),"%s who got ban on that ip %s",banreason,named);
    SendClientMessage(playerid,COLOR_ORANGE,"You are banned from the server!");
please i need help.
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