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Huge Clucker
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Default Simple Deathmatch Zones

Simple Deathmatch Zones Include
By: Yuryfury

What is it?
This is an old include that I dug up that I thought some of you might find useful (particularly if you have stunt/freeroam servers). This includes makes it simple to create "deathmatch zones" and regulate what happens when a player either enters or leaves on of these zones.

What functions/callbacks are included?
pawn Code:
native CreateDeathmatchZone(Float:minx,Float:miny,Float:maxx,Float:maxy);
native DestroyDeathmatchZone(dmzoneid);
native IsPlayerInDMZone(playerid,dmzoneid);
native IsPlayerInAnyDMZone(playerid);
native GetPlayerDMZone(playerid);

pawn Code:

Simply add the include to the include folder, add "#include<SimpleDMZones>" to any gamemode/filterscript and add the following callbacks:
pawn Code:
public OnPlayerEnterDeathmatchZone(playerid,dmzoneid)
    return 1;

public OnPlayerLeaveDeathmatchZone(playerid,dmzoneid)
    return 1;

simply paste into notepad and save as a .inc
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Default Re: Simple Deathmatch Zones

not too much and not too litte,and easy to modify. good work
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Default Re: Simple Deathmatch Zones

Nice, I'd suggest you to use SetPlayerWorldBounds in case if player tries to leave the death match zone without the script doing or not. Like adding, LeaveDm(playerid, dmid), and SetRestrictionsForDM(dmid, bool:restrict) so that if it's set to true others would be in the boundary of the DM itself till the DM or unless the script does it or disconnection of a player.
Currently inactive - I don't play at any SA-MP servers nor work on anything in PAWN for now. The projects that I've done so far in PAWN, which requires updates will be taking some time.
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