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Huge Clucker
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Default switch

pawn Code:
GetPlayerHealth(playerid, PlayerHealth);
        case 5..20:
        SetPlayerHealth(playerid, PlayerHealth-10);
        case 20..50:
        SetPlayerHealth(playerid, PlayerHealth-20);
        case 50..100:
        SetPlayerHealth(playerid, PlayerHealth-40);
This doesn't work since I repeated the "20" and the "50" so.. I want something like that
pawn Code:
if ((VehicleHealthAfter[playerid]-VehicleHealthBefore[playerid]) >=5  && (VehicleHealthAfter[playerid]-VehicleHealthBefore[playerid]) <20)

SetPlayerHealth(playerid, PlayerHealth-10);

else if ((VehicleHealthAfter[playerid]-VehicleHealthBefore[playerid]) >=20  && (VehicleHealthAfter[playerid]-VehicleHealthBefore[playerid]) <50)

SetPlayerHealth(playerid, PlayerHealth-25);
// else if ....
If I can use something like "else if" in the "switch" it'll be okay
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