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Little Clucker
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Default How to Setup Domain as IP (Good For Newbie)

Hello all now i would like to show you how to setup domain be as ip. Actually this thread(the related) posted before(many times) with other people bu i want to give a specific tutorial.

What Do You Need?

1.Internet Connection
2.browser : (or but now im using this for my server)
4.samp server (the ip)

Steps : the website
2.find subdomain or open this link
3.then fill ur email and password
4.after that click "add" or open this link
5.fill ur subdomain address and choose the domain remember dont change the type just keep it "default is "A""
6.put ur server ip without port
7. check the "Enabled for all subscribers" then click save
8. tadaaaaa domain as ip has succesfully made xD

How To Test It
To test it just put ur registered subdomain in free dns (ex: serverport) just add server domain and port and success

sorry for my bad english and sorry if my tutorial isnt good
thanks for everything
thanks to :
semara123(im infect his pc to test my infected server)
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zT KiNgKoNg
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Default Re: How to Setup Domain as IP (Good For Newbie)

Simply.... My eyes are bleeding.

You could at-least attempt to give your thread a clean looking layout, and not just mashed up text.
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: How to Setup Domain as IP (Good For Newbie)

+Rep its works
Suscribe My Channel At Youtube

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