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Huge Clucker
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Default LV Unique Delivery Job

Become a delivery man in this filterscript.
Its quite simple but fun.
You drive around to a total of 300 drop off points delivering goods and receiving the money for your hard earned work, you will also recieve Delivery Skill points upon each delivery

300 Delivery drop points
Random Drop off points
Delivery Skill
Timer on Drop off points
Key 'Y' Start job
Info Textdraw


Put the .inc files in your 'pawno/include' folder
Put the .dll in your 'plugins' folder
Add 'Delivery' to the filterscript line of the 'server.cfg'

Adding More Delivery Drop Points:
Adding more Deivery drop points is easy, all you need to do is follow the code below,
Its as easy as that, the code will make them random.

pawn Code:
new Float: DeliveryCP[][3] =// Delivery Man Job Random Checkpoints
pawn Code:
    {2116.2815,901.3974,10.8203} //Note: last line does not have a ','


Deliverysystem.pwn (

Note: You will need to add your own vehicles VehicleID: 413 or if you have any in your gamemode they will work

Notice: If you like my work +rep, comment and share.
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Default Re: LV Unique Delivery Job

Well, nice job bro.
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: LV Unique Delivery Job

Nice work, Jakwob
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