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Default Simple Sumo (SQL, Y_Commands)

ALSO READ SQL Structure IF YOU WANT TO RUN THIS GAMEMODE! I havent set up an actual automatic table creation, I will add that tomorrow or in a day or two just to add more stuff in
I am strongly working on code optimization for the second patch. I wanted a working code for the first release I didn't worry too much about optimization

Sumo Server
About me

Hello. I am Twinki. I am a developer at Valhalla Gaming ( . Due to lack of interest in community we have focused on other things and kinda dropped SA:MP off from our list. Well community-wise we did, personally no. I have decided to create a gamemode that you canít really find on SA:MP forums or anywhere. It has some sexy features that you wont see on too many servers.
Regarding myself, I am 23 years old Russian, studying Web Development. I might lack some skills as it comes to SA:MP scripting but Im not seeking for perfection, Im seeking for functional code that you will enjoy!

Gamemode Basic Informations
There are many features that you can find on our Sumo server. Lets list some basics so you understand whatís this sumo server about
  • Players will be spawned in a random vehicle on a player picked map (or random generated map, depends) and they will fight with other players to the victory!
  • Person that survives for 240 seconds with 1 vehicle (vehicle that they are currently in) will be rewarded with 20 Sumo Coins.
  • All players besides will get 5 Sumo Coins per game, not depending on what place they are or how many vehicles they have changed

There are serverals ways to die in this game. Lets list some of them
  • Falling off the map
  • Exploding
  • Exiting a vehicle
  • Knocked By Enviroment (unkown deaths aka deaths not detected by the script)

There are several features you can spend coins on
Spend coins to vote on map changes
Spend coins to purchase VIP features & VIP levels

Gamemode Notes
Many people will see as usage of OPU (OnPlayerUpdate) horrible and will criticize this. There are few reasons why I have used OPU. Yes I know there are work arounds to avoid OPU but this is extremly small usage of OPU and yes it is optimized (will be even more in the future).
  • OPU is perfect as it wont work if player is alt-tabbed players. The server wont update for the player, meaning their score wont go up
  • If the player is AFK (not moving + not chatting) the server wont update for them, OPU wont be called
  • Gamemode uses Y_Commands therefore you can type /cmd [command_name] to view some command informations.

Gamemode Documentation (for developers)

Some of the documentation can be found here. I havent updated it entirely. Lots of stuff missing.

Gamemode Specials
These are some VIP features you can buy with VIP coins or NORMAL COINS
  • Purchase VIP levels. Each level will be time limited to certain time periods. They will be added to your account and automaticly removed after 24 hours. Those 24 hours are based on timestamps therefore you werent online? It will still go on
  • Purchase VIP commands. You can purchase commands invidualy and build your own permament pack for X coins. The price will be based on 24 months of VIP. Meaning lets say you want to buy permament VIP 1, it will cost VIP 1 x 24 months when purchasing with coins.
  • More information about the command prices will be posted soon
  • Ability to rate the server and the rating will be calculated. Players that have more than 2hours played will be able to write small server review in game. Later you can use that informations to print out on the server to see current server rating. For example 6x rating Star 1 and 1x Star 2 would give us 1.12 server rating (1.00 to 5.00 rating).

There are many types of gifts that spawn every 1 minute only on SUMO maps. NOT on race maps. There are positive and negative gains from these gifts so be careful!

Gamemode Logging system

I am using my own advanced logging system (threaded SQL querries) I have created. It logs basically everything I want. I tend to avoid logging useless thing to avoid huge ass log and truncating tables because of it. Some features of this system
  • Ability to view certain logs directly from in game. For example /getchatlogs PLAYER_NAME amountOfLines will show you amount of messages you want to see from the player that he typed in the global chat. Example: /getlogs Twinki 10 will show you 10 last messages that Twinki sent in the global chat
  • Same system goes for admins, admin commands etc. etc.

Gamemode VIP Features
VIP 1 [1 Month] OR 24h with /buyvip
  • /heal (cooldown 300 seconds) it will heal your vehicle to full health using RepairVehicle
  • /flip (cooldown 300 seconds) it will flip your vehicle back on its wheels
  • /dc donator chat feature. Ability to chat with other VIP members
  • VIP tag in game. You will have your own tag in game

VIP 2 [1 Month] OR 24h with /buyvip
  • /heal - Reduced cooldown from 300 to 180 seconds
  • /flip - Reduced cooldown from 300 to 180 seconds
  • /dc donator chat feature. Ability to chat with other VIP members
  • VIP tag in game. You will have your own tag in game
  • /nos Adds 3x nitro to your vehicle
  • /setcolor sets player color to desired HexDecimal combination

VIP 3 [1 Month] OR 24h with /buyvip
  • /heal - reduced to 90 seconds
  • /flip - reduced to 90 seconds
  • /dc donator chat feature. Ability to chat with other VIP members
  • VIP tag in game. You will have your own tag in game
  • /nos Adds 10x nitro to your vehicle
  • /nickname - ability to customize your tag name entirely.
  • /setcolor sets player color to desired HexDecimal combination

Future additions (currently working on! NOT implemented!!!)
There will be done PHP scripts that will come with the gamemode that you can use with your website.
  • UCP
  • Log checker
  • Admin control panel

SQL Structure [You must add this to start your gamemode!]
You can find the entire SQL structure here

There are number of people I owe thanks to.
  • Alcatrik for teaching me how to code in the first place
  • Kye and the rest of the people who worked on SA:MP
  • ****** for Y_Commands & Whirlpool & Sscanf
  • Incognito for streamer
  • BlueG for SQL
  • Wyu for nativechecker

And of course the team I wouldn't be able to this without that constantly helped me out code wise, ideas and much more!
  • OktoKT
  • Mattaffix
  • _oMa37
  • Onfroi
There might be someone I didn't bring up in this thread. Their name is credited in the script.

There are 2 races in the game, you will sometimes get it. Its just to relax from the normal sumo!

v.1.0 Original Release:


Wanna host this?
If you want to host this gamemode, I am more than willing to set it up for you and add any custom feature to your likings. I am NOT asking for anything in return. I am also willing to repair any sort of bugs you find and such.


Resolved some bugs
  • VIP level calculation in time - it will be calculated correctly now
  • Private message logging
  • Playertime for not logged in players wont add up anymore
  • Some misc stuff I could find that were bugged
  • Optimized some of the code for better usage

New stuff
  • Added channel system for in game chat. You can now create new channels and let your friends join them too to chat with them. Channel start at 1 and end at 999. Commands; /c, /join, /leave
  • Added new cooldown system that will display cooldown on your consumables (look at screenshots)
  • Added new death system. It will no longer spam the main chat about deaths
  • Added setvip that supports time system. You can set someones VIP time to X days etc.
  • Added /tune to modify your vehicle. You can for example purchase vehicle color 255 and it will always paint any of your cars you spawn in to 255. RIMS COMING IN NEXT PATCH!


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Default Re: Simple Sumo (SQL, Y_Commands)

Nice GameMode, congrats.
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Default Re: Simple Sumo (SQL, Y_Commands)

Nice Gamemode maybe ill use it
+Rep for the nice work
Thanks to and ev0lution For Hosting my server!
Thanks to All Who have helped me!
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Default Re: Simple Sumo (SQL, Y_Commands)

Nice One .. Very Unique
Legendary Criminals

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Default Re: Simple Sumo (SQL, Y_Commands)

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Default Re: Simple Sumo (SQL, Y_Commands)

We did great work. Nice
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Default Re: Simple Sumo (SQL, Y_Commands)

wooow awesome!!
cheapest Premium SAMP Server -- click me if you have heart
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Default Re: Simple Sumo (SQL, Y_Commands)

Good job.
btw my name is _oMa37 lol
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Default Re: Simple Sumo (SQL, Y_Commands)

Originally Posted by TwinkiDaBoss View Post
Virus OMFG?
Some people are having problems that chrome is blocking this file as virus.
Please refer to this link to check if it is (and of course it is not). I am NOT sure why is this happening. Could be megaupload or something... Please let me know if I can change something so this dissapears. None of my anti malwares detected any problems with it...
This is because you added the server executables. As you're not allowed to do so anyway, please remove these from the download.

I apologize for the stupidity of my fellow members

Originally Posted by !damo!spiderman View Post
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Default Re: Simple Sumo (SQL, Y_Commands)

Good work ..
*Scripting be like...
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