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Default weapon-config errors

PHP Code:
C:\Users\Austin\Desktop\Small-County-RP-Release\pawno\include\ : warning 202number of arguments does not match definition
:\Users\Austin\Desktop\Small-County-RP-Release\pawno\include\ : warning 203symbol is never used"addsiren"
C:\Users\Austin\Desktop\Small-County-RP-Release\gamemodes\SCRP-R39.pwn(92) : warning 201redefinition of constant/macro (symbol "E_SHOT_INFO")
C:\Users\Austin\Desktop\Small-County-RP-Release\gamemodes\SCRP-R39.pwn(1279) : warning 235: public function lacks forward declaration (symbol "OnPlayerShootPlayer")
C:\Users\Austin\Desktop\Small-County-RP-Release\gamemodes\SCRP-R39.pwn(1322) : warning 209: function "WC_OnPlayerConnect" should return a value
:\Users\Austin\Desktop\Small-County-RP-Release\gamemodes\SCRP-R39.pwn(10055) : error 021symbol already defined"OnPlayerTakeDamage" 

When I added this is what happens, warning and errors come up. "addsiren" isn't even in our script, there is only one OnPlayerTakeDamage(I used ctrl+f).
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Default Re: weapon-config errors
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