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Default Not the right spawn

Hey guys i have a dynamic faction system that will spawn me at the coords i putted on structure from DB

this is the spawn function where should read if i am or not a faction members but it spawn's me anywhere else on the map

HTML Code:
function FactionSpawn(playerid)
    if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pMember] <= 0)
        InHQ[playerid] = -1;
		SetPlayerVirtualWorld(playerid, 0);
		new SRandom = random(3);
        SetPlayerPos(playerid, RandomCivSpawns[SRandom][0], RandomCivSpawns[SRandom][1], RandomCivSpawns[SRandom][2]);
        SetPlayerFacingAngle(playerid, RandomCivSpawns[SRandom][3]);
 	if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pMember] > 0)
		new fid = PlayerInfo[playerid][pMember];
		SetPlayerInterior(playerid, DynamicFactions[fid][fInterior]);
		SetPlayerVirtualWorld(playerid, DynamicFactions[fid][fVirtual]);
		SetPlayerPos(playerid, DynamicFactions[fid][fcX], DynamicFactions[fid][fcY], DynamicFactions[fid][fcZ]);
		PlayerInfo[playerid][pInt] = DynamicFactions[fid][fInterior];
		InHQ[playerid] = fid;
	return 1;
any idea why?
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